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We are committed to the industry B2B global business platform construction and enterprise e-commerce services and provide e-commerce solutions for industry enterprises, and have gradually become a well-known B2B e-commerce platform operator in China. “Tianci Network” is one of the core platforms of Zhengzhou Sunshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which promotes customer communication and deals through the release of product information, providing free information services, membership value-added services and network promotion services for SMEs. One-stop e-commerce operation service. The vertical e-commerce platform of Zhengzhou Sunshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. concentrates on the high-quality resources accumulated by “Tianci Net” in its operations, and provides docking channels for enterprise users with transaction needs. To provide merchants with integrated e-commerce solutions covering multiple sub-sectors such as building materials, security, chemical, environmental protection, machinery, agriculture, metallurgy, etc. It is a vertical multi-industry sub-commerce platform with new system architecture and service methods. . While constantly striving for product optimization and innovation, Zhengzhou Sunshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. always believes that talent is the company's most valuable resource and pays close attention to the growth and progress of its employees. The company encourages value creation and rewards value creation through a diversity and timely performance incentive system. It also builds a cohesive corporate culture by creating a good organizational atmosphere and guides everyone to work hard for common values and organizational goals. In the future, Zhengzhou Sunshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to product optimization and innovation, continue to focus on customer needs, to achieve customer business as the main axis, relying on technological innovation, building product advantages, and establishing brand awareness, thus making network integration marketing easier and more convenient. Quickly and constantly create new value for customers, partners and employees. CHINA TRADE




我们致力于行业B2B全球商贸平台建设和企业电子商务服务以及为行业企业提供电子商务解决方案,已逐步成为国内知名的B2B电子商务平台运营商。“天赐网”是郑州阳光电子科技有限公司旗下核心平台之一,通过发布产品信息,促成客户沟通和达成交易,为中小企业提供免费信息服务、会员增值服务和网络推广服务等一站式电子商务运营服务。郑州阳光电子科技有限公司旗下垂直电商平台集中了“天赐网”在运营中不断积累的优质资源,为有交易需求的企业用户提供对接渠道。为商家提供电子商务整体解决方案,覆盖了建材、安防、化工、环保、机械、农业、冶金等多个细分行业,是一个拥有全新的系统架构和服务方式的垂直多行业细分电商平台。郑州阳光电子科技有限公司在不断坚持产品优化和创新的同时,始终坚信人才是公司最宝贵的资源,十分关注员工的成长和进步。公司通过多样性和及时性的绩效激励制度,鼓励价值创造,嘉奖价值创造;并通过营造良好的组织氛围,建立凝聚力强的企业文化,引导大家为共同的价值观和组织目标而努力奋斗。未来,郑州阳光电子科技有限公司将不断坚持产品优化和创新,持续聚焦客户需求,以成就客户事业为主轴,依托技术创新、构筑产品优势、树立品牌意识,从而使网络整合营销更加简单、方便、快捷,不断的为顾客、合作伙伴、员工创造新价值。CHINA TRADE