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007 Business Station ( is a B2B professional e-commerce company that provides product display and relevant product information for Chinese SMEs. It is a high-tech company supplemented by enterprise construction websites and database platform. The company relies on advanced technology, advanced awareness, and the ability to create integration to design complete solutions and provide optimal system support services for users. The company pays attention to talents, technology and management, and brings together a group of computer professionals and network research and development talents. In the same industry, it has achieved a high reputation among its customers. CHINA TRADE

007 Business Station's business scope is built around the Internet to provide a professional website construction solution (WebSolution), complete e-commerce solution (ECSolution) and network application series software (OA) as the main business. At the same time operating system integration and network engineering. Our business model is based on a series of technical means to bring corporate promotion, management, internal and external communication, business processes, sales, etc. online. Focusing on network services and maintenance, we provide practical and economical e-commerce solutions for enterprises to go global and promote e-commerce and accelerate online trade. CHINA TRADE


007 Business Station has become a nationwide company with its modern enterprise management methods and excellent and efficient team, constantly exerting its own advantages and integrating industry resources, utilizing rich technical experience and design capabilities. One of the most professional website design, development, maintainers and e-commerce solution providers. CHINA TRADE




007商务站(是一个为中国中小企业提供产品展示及获取相关产品信息的B2B专业电子商务公司,为企业建设网站和搭建数据库平台为辅的高科技公司。公司依靠先进的技术、超前的意识、创建集成的能力,为用户设计完整的解决方案、提供最佳系统支持服务;公司注重人才、技术和管理,汇集了一批计算机专业和网络研究开发的人才,在同行业当与客户当中取得了很高声誉。CHINA TRADE

007商务站经营范围是围绕着互联网展开,以提供专业化的网站建设方案(WebSolution)、完整的电子商务解决方案(ECSolution)及网络应用系列软件(OA)为主要业务,同时经营系统集成和网络工程等。我们的商业模式是基于一系列的技术手段将企业的宣传、管理、内外沟通、业务流程、销售等搬到网上。我们以网络服务和维护为中心,为企业提供实用和经济的电子商务方案,让企业透过网络走向全世界及推动电子商务,加速网上贸易。CHINA TRADE


007商务站凭借现代化的企业管理手段与优秀高效的团队,不断发挥自身优势和整合行业资源,利用丰富的技术经验和设计能力,已成为全国最具专业化的网站设计、开发、维护商和电子商务解决方案提供商之一。CHINA TRADE