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Huaqiang LED Network ( is a B2B e-commerce service platform under Huaqiang Electronic Network. It is positioned in the "LED industry chain", which integrates products, supply, purchase, brand, information and technical support. The function is integrated into one, providing domestic e-commerce services such as information release, online transaction, operation management and industry consultation for LED buyers, suppliers, traders and manufacturers. Huaqiang LED Network has created more than 10 kinds of online products and services such as component packages, Chengyitong, BCP certification, standard king and product window. At the same time, it has launched domestic and international co-exhibition services, Huaqiang Business Lecture Hall and “Huaqiang”. Offline services such as Electronic magazine have built a 360-degree e-commerce marketing model that combines online and offline to maximize cost, improve efficiency and expand resources for customers. Established in 2010, Huaqiang LED Network is the industry's leading professional e-commerce platform. It serves the LED industry in an all-round way. It was fully upgraded in February 2017. The Huaqiang LED network upgrade presents four highlights: First, the new “Looking for a business” and In the “Check Data” section, the former Huaqiang LED Network can find the source of goods and online inquiry for the buyers in the “Finding Business” column for free. The latter is a massive e-book library for the LED industry, which is convenient for customers to inquire. Second, it can realize the rapid release of LED products, product search for one-click direct supply demand; Third, provide the latest LED industry information, help LED customers by providing industry-wide, product information and supply chain industry trends as comprehensive as possible decision-making assistance information Accurate market and product positioning; Fourth, through the occasional launch of online activities, participate in offline exhibitions, online online interactive promotion, help customers expand brand influence. With the most authoritative information, the best products and the best service, Huaqiang LED Network stands in the "LED World", providing one-stop Internet procurement solutions for both supply and demand, helping more companies to develop markets and build brand awareness. . CHINA TRADE




华强LED网(是华强电子网旗下B2B电商服务平台,它定位于“LED全产业链”,集产品、供应、求购、品牌、资讯、技术支持等多样化功能于一体,为国内LED采购商、供应商、贸易商、制造商提供信息发布、在线交易、运营管理、行业咨询等全程电子商务服务。华强LED网为用户量身打造了元器件套餐、诚易通、BCP认证、标王、产品橱窗等10余种线上产品和服务,同时推出了国内外联合参展服务、华强商务讲堂以及《华强电子》杂志等线下服务,构建了线上、线下相结合的360°全程电子商务营销模式,最大程度地为客户降低成本、提高效率、扩展资源。华强LED网成立于2010年,是行业首屈一指的专业电子商务平台,全方位服务于LED行业,于2017年2月全面升级,华强LED网升级呈现四大亮点:一、新增“找商家”和“查资料”栏目,前者华强LED网可以免费为采购商在“找商家”栏目寻找货源、在线询价,后者是有关LED行业的海量电子书库,方便客户查询。二、可以实现快速发布LED产品,产品搜索一键直达货源需求;三、提供最新LED行业资讯,通过提供行业动态、产品资讯和供应链产业趋势等尽可能全面的决策辅助资讯,帮助LED客户进行精确的市场和产品定位;四、通过不定期推出线上活动、参加线下展会,实现线上线上互动宣传,帮助客户拓展品牌影响力。华强LED网以最权威的信息、最好的产品、最优质的服务,屹立于“LED世界”,为供需双方提供一站式互联网采供解决方案,帮助更多的企业开拓市场、打造品牌知名度。CHINA TRADE