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[Sit on the bench] leading one-stop B2B e-commerce service platform in China, providing comprehensive B2B e-commerce industry information, supply, purchase, exhibition, brand, investment, information Such information is the best e-commerce platform for Chinese SMEs to sell products and expand the market! Sit on the bench network to focus on small and medium-sized enterprises free product supply and demand information release, free online store construction, free corporate brand display, free e-commerce operation planning, and strive to let all domestic enterprises embark on the road of e-commerce. The company is determined to become the world's leading enterprise e-commerce service provider, providing enterprises with the most comprehensive, accurate and powerful business information support. At the same time, with strong technical strength and rich development experience, we will integrate leading concepts and keen market awareness to provide integrated services from Internet marketing to enterprise information portals for enterprises in various industries. Provide first-class service to customers with first-class technology and first-class management. CHINA TRADE




【坐商板凳网】国内最领先的一站式B2B电子商务服务平台,提供全面的B2B电商行业资讯、供应、求购、展会、品牌、招商、资讯等信息,是中国中小企业销售产品、拓展市场的最佳电子商务平台!坐商板凳网专注中小型企业免费产品供求信息发布,免费网络店铺搭建,免费企业品牌展示,免费电子商务运营策划,力求让国内所有企业都走上电子商务之路。坐商板凳网立志成为全球一流的企业电商服务提供商,为企业提供最全面、最准确、最有力的商务信息支持。同时将凭借雄厚的技术实力和丰富的开发经验,融合领先的理念和敏锐的市场意识,为各行业企业提供从互联网营销到企业信息门户的一体化服务。以一流的技术、一流的管理为客户提供一流的服务。CHINA TRADE