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Logistics of the world's national logistics information network (hereinafter referred to as the logistics world) logistics information exchange for the main radiation throughout the country to provide vehicle source information, supply information, line information, transportation quotes, vehicle transaction information, garage information, distribution site information business Supply and demand cooperation agency information, enterprises to build their own services, provide comprehensive services with excellent technology, create a logistics industry integrity logistics business platform, free registration to join the free information! With a high level of commitment and determination, the logistics world will continue to be based on a good reputation, adhering to the spirit of stability and development, truth-seeking and innovation, and become an important ideological force and innovation force in the global network.



Shenzhen Guoxuntong Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in April 1998. It has developed and produced the first paging logistics information machine in the country, supporting the establishment of urban regional paging logistics information network throughout the country. In June 2001, Shenzhen Guoxuntong Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. developed and listed the first computer logistics information machine in China, and eliminated the paging logistics information machine in each city, which promoted the rapid development of regional logistics information networks in various cities across the country. In October 2002, Shenzhen Guoxuntong Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. established the nation's first nationwide networked logistics information network - National Logistics Information Network Shenzhen Guowang Logistics Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as State Grid Corporation) was established on February 1, 2005. It is a network media and value-added service provider serving China and global logistics. It is the earliest dedicated logistics information service in China. s company. State Grid Corporation is committed to building the world's best public information platform for the transportation and logistics industry, providing logistics personnel with rich logistics information, logistics information and logistics software to provide high-quality logistics information services for upstream and downstream related enterprises, freight forwarders and car owners. , providing one-stop logistics and transportation management solutions for third-party logistics companies. State Grid Corporation is composed of logistics information network affiliated across the country. It is the first logistics information company in the country to implement shareholding and franchise cooperation. State Grid has 66 existing shareholders and 46 franchisees. Since its establishment, the company has relied on its strong advantages, using Internet technology, logistics information, e-commerce and strong technology, financial strength and rich practical experience to systematically integrate social resources, solve logistics information sharing, and fully integrate social logistics resources. Shareholders, agents and franchisees gather information on supply and demand of vehicles, warehousing and enterprises across the country and become the leader of modern integrated logistics information in China. It is currently the largest logistics information company in China. The National Logistics Information Network (International Domain Name is sponsored by State Grid Corporation, was awarded the title of “National SME Public Service Demonstration Platform” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2013, and was awarded the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing in 2014. The Excellent Case for Logistics Informatization Award is a professional platform for providing logistics information for the logistics industry. The company is located at the sixth floor of Yindong Building, No. 25, Huahua Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen. The bonded area of the company is Futian Free Trade Zone in the east from Huanggang Port, north to Guangshenzhu Expressway, south along Shenzhen River, and west to mangrove nature protection. District, adjacent to Shenzhen Futian Port subway station. Convenient transportation, perfect municipal facilities and beautiful environment. The bonded area brings together a large number of high-tech industries and modern logistics industry, laying a good foundation for the company's development and growth. Looking forward to the future, the company will be the transportation logistics service company that is most respected by logistics people in the spirit of fairness, integrity, cooperation and mutual benefit. On the road of continuous growth, we are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life to contribute to the human logistics industry.



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Website Positioning:

Logistics Network is strategically positioned to build a nationally authoritative, comprehensive and professional logistics product portal Therefore, our core position is to provide comprehensive business information services for all enterprises in the system with products as the core and the entire supply chain system consisting of manufacturers, distributors, agents, integrators and buyers. There are various types of logistics products advertising services; there are also various types of recommendation services based on evaluation and sequencing; product promotion services based on activity marketing and brand promotion; and business with product information release Information services; product search services and market research services, etc.

Service Features:

1, Comprehensive: Comprehensive, systematic logistics products and logistics enterprise information;

2, professional: use scientific and standardized product classification and fast retrieval methods;

3, serviceability : Mainly based on product and supplier information, but with industry dynamics, standard regulations, system cases and other services and interactive exchanges;

4, fairness: the website is a third party, it does not produce itself, no Operating, not acting on any company's products;

5. Openness: All suppliers are welcome to join the website and are free to all customers;

6, usability: webpage at The form is illustrated and clear, and the content is practical and operable.

Customer scope:

Welcome to join this website or browse the website freely

1 Most of the content of this website is free to all Internet visitors. For example, you can enjoy some value-added services after registering as an ordinary member of this website.

2. The main viewers of this website are domestic and foreign logistics products. Suppliers of logistics equipment, manufacturers, distributors, agents, purchasers, logistics service companies, large and medium-sized enterprise logistics departments, logistics research institutions, etc.; visitors from all countries and regions of the world, coverage and very Wide range and professional concentration. Customers are mainly focused on the supply and demand sides of logistics products

Our advantage:

●The first logistics industry BtoB product portal

Providing professional and direct procurement channels for purchasers, purchasing managers or corporate executives of all logistics products and logistics software in the supply chain of industrial logistics, commercial logistics, warehousing and logistics.

●Professional classification of more than 150 kinds of logistics products, targeted professional search engine

Provide detailed and professional logistics with the logistics planning consulting experience of the logistics product network expert committee for many years. Product classification, providing a more comprehensive service in the professional field. With two clicks, you can quickly and accurately find logistics product suppliers and logistics software developers, and make the most benefits for suppliers and buyers through our dedicated services.

●24×365 all-weather logistics products business procurement platform will never stop

A large number of procurement information can provide more business opportunities for logistics product suppliers, for the supply chain structure of enterprises Optimization, enterprise production logistics planning Logistics park and logistics center planning and design, logistics equipment procurement to provide professional advice and technical standards for logistics related products and other services.

●Using strong resources in the field of logistics technology to create professional brands in the logistics industry

The members of the expert committee of China Logistics Products Network have been engaged in logistics design, planning, consulting, etc. for many years. Tobacco, medicine, fast-moving consumer goods, manufacturing, commerce and many other industries. At the same time, China Logistics Product Network has been supported by many industry associations and logistics research institutions in China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc., to provide a timely and perfect service platform for Chinese logistics enterprises to strengthen international logistics technology exchanges and cooperation.

●Three-dimensional promotion, integrated marketing, providing comprehensive e-commerce solutions for enterprises

China Logistics Product Network is based on the principle of three-dimensional promotion, integrated marketing and professional services. Online magazines, electronic online journals, professional subnets, products through intelligent business service systems, product search and other means to provide customers with professional, comprehensive e-commerce solutions



China Shipbuilding Network ( is an early e-commerce platform for the establishment of China's shipbuilding industry. It is the preferred website for Chinese shipbuilding companies to display transactions. As the wind vane of the shipbuilding industry, China Shipbuilding Network provides the most comprehensive ship in real time. Professional information services such as buying and selling, ship leasing, ship supporting equipment and raw materials supply and demand, shipping freight index and schedule notice, ship news, shipping information, shipping talents, Q&A and community.

中国船舶网- CnshipNet.COM has the largest domestic ship professional database, containing more than 10,000 ship sites in more than 180 countries and regions, including more than 3,000 shipbuilding and repairing enterprises, more than 5,000 ship supporting enterprises, and more than 6,000 shipowners. More than 300 million product records; covering all aspects of the banking industry, such as business opportunities, international procurement, product promotion, international exhibitions, news centers, ship translation, ship encyclopedia, etc., the daily visit volume exceeded 100,000 person-times, which is the industry's network trade and technology. The preferred platform for R&D.



China Forklift Network (, also known as "China Forklift" (a national registered trademark in 2009), officially opened in Guangzhou, China in May 1999, Guangzhou Hailing Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. The operator of the network. In 2006, he became a member of the Board of Directors of the China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Vehicles Branch (CITA). In the past 19 years, with the support of global industrial vehicle manufacturers and related logistics equipment manufacturers, it has become one of the famous professional websites in the industrial vehicle and logistics equipment industry in China and the world. Most of the world's famous forklift manufacturers and domestic well-known forklift service providers have become VIP members of China Forklift Network. China Fork has already become China's current professional industrial vehicle and logistics equipment website. It brings together nearly 10,000 forklift trucks, logistics equipment manufacturers and related service providers from around the world, including the most important logistics handling equipment - "forklifts". Provide global logistics equipment manufacturers and service providers with detailed information, online consultation and transaction services for forklifts (including related logistics equipment) in China and around the world. On the fork network, you can easily access and find logistics equipment and accessories of different brands and models worldwide, as well as their agents and service providers in China and around the world. Of course, you can also directly contact the operator to obtain the technical parameters and price quotes of the latest forklift trucks and logistics products. Provide a complete logistics handling solution and an electronic platform for easy trading! It has received increasing attention from people around the world who are committed to the logistics equipment industry.



Zhongche E-commerce (Zhejiang) Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the 27th floor of Building 3, Xincheng Times Square, No. 189 Fengqi East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is engaged in e-commerce service and software development, information management consulting and electronic recruitment. A comprehensive e-commerce solution provider such as bidding. The company's website "China e-car network" is a B2B e-commerce platform that specializes in online transactions in the rail transit industry, supply chain finance, information services and cloud warehouse logistics. The platform mainly focuses on subways, high-speed rail, general railways, tram vehicles, electromechanical equipment and spare parts, gathers upstream and downstream enterprises in the global rail transit industry, and integrates industry procurement resources to create an e-commerce platform for rail transit industry chain. At the same time, it will be built into the leading rail transit industry portal by bringing together industry news, technical knowledge, talent information and conferences and conferences. The company has gathered many elites in the e-commerce industry. The team with many years of experience in e-commerce has been responsible for the overall operation of the company. The core members have more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. The company's technical personnel account for 60% of the company's number of people, and has many years of domestic mainstream software development and maintenance experience. Under the background of “Internet +” upgrade to national strategy, CRRC e-commerce will provide users with a safe, convenient, efficient and practical series of e-commerce transactions and supply chain financial services solutions based on customer first and service-oriented services. The plan is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimize the supply chain for the rail transit industry procurement transactions. We adhere to the corporate tenet of dedication, efficiency, leadership and ultimate, and are committed to creating a rail transit industry ecological chain with fair competition and high quality innovation.