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Wuhan Yilu Business Network Technology Co., Ltd. All the way business network (, officially launched on July 21, 2013, was born in Wuhan, based in Shanghai, facing the country, has achieved richness in just two years Results. Adhering to the corporate mission of “selecting high-quality business opportunities for investors”, around the chain management industry, with “enterprise and investors” as the center, it will deeply affect more than 90% of entrepreneurial users and enterprise users. We focus on industry development and resource integration in the franchise field. Through multi-sectoral cooperation, we will establish a bridge of information communication between entrepreneurs and brand enterprises, and provide enterprises and investors with one-stop services for investment promotion. We have a systematic management and industry consultant team, and set up eight departments: Marketing Department, Product Development Department, Product Design Department, Technology R&D Department, Product Operation Department, Personnel Administration Department, Finance Department, and Customer Service Department. We adhere to the business philosophy of “focus, innovation, and win-win”, and create “one-stop business opportunity network” into an “precise, worry-free, reliable” industry platform, and strive to become an excellent brand in China's franchise field, and create a career manager in the industry. People are positive energy. All the way business network has established long-term cooperative relationship with a number of investment franchise brands, including Hangzhou Kiwi Bird Group (owned honey fruit tea, sweet tea, rice box, ten seconds to Yunnan bridge rice noodle), Shanghai Jiaotong University Ang Li Group (Ang Lishui Composition, Ang Lizhu Mental Arithmetic, Ang Li Zhihui Valley), Qingdao Shangkeyou Group (Shangkeyou Hotel, Huamei Shi, Junyi Hotel), many well-known education brands Sesame Street English, Bump Education, Oriental Baby , Ju Neng Education, Aibei Children's English... All the way to the business opportunity network "investment to join the authorization commission" in the industry is implemented earlier, more accurate in the chaotic, uneven franchise industry . In the future development, we will continue to adhere to the development strategy of “verticalization, specialization and diversification”, continue to maintain and expand the advantages of the platform in the franchise industry, and drive the investment projects to take the brand management path and assist more entrepreneurs. Towards success, we are committed to building the platform into the entrance of China's franchise industry and become an excellent brand in the industry for network services, magazine communication, information construction, trade integration and promotion.



U88 franchise network (abbreviation: U88) is affiliated to Shandong Jinshang Network Technology Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 5.06 million yuan, which is located in Jinan, Quancheng. The company has a professional high-quality operation team, of which more than 80% of the company's employees are undergraduate or above. The middle-level management personnel are from large-scale professional franchise Internet companies. They have more than ten years of relevant industry experience and provide customers with one. Station-style full-hosting promotion solution. Shandong Jinshang Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides a full range of three-dimensional franchise project promotion services for its customers in a professional and dedicated manner. It also provides the most suitable projects for entrepreneurs to create their own wealth. We accurately collect tens of thousands of entrepreneurial information and conduct fine classification on this basis to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs find entrepreneurial projects, gain entrepreneurial experience, and promote entrepreneurial exchange to a certain extent. Founded in 2003, U88 is the first Internet investment service platform in China. Based on the traditional investment model's docking drawbacks, U88 pioneered the online exhibition platform, which displayed the offline exhibition in a more vivid and vivid way, allowing each project party to display high-quality projects on the platform, so that every investor can quickly Accurately search for the project that suits you, and U88 continues to lead the field of investment and joining the field for decades. U88 is committed to maximizing the value of communication for franchise projects, and has a wide range of extension platforms and rich content resources in the television field, the Internet field, and the mobile Internet field. U88----National Entrepreneurship Investment Platform.


89178商机网 is part of Anhui Channel Network Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, and is one of the platforms that China used to engage in Internet investment. Since its inception in 2003, has been committed to building a good communication platform between entrepreneurs and corporate businesses, providing entrepreneurs with massive and high-quality entrepreneurial information. In the course of many years of development, has repeatedly launched four-core four-core option mechanism, first-rate payment mechanism and other eye-catching service products, helping entrepreneurs to easily start a business and open a shop with peace of mind. After more than 10 years of precipitation, has now become a comprehensive investment information publishing platform with the characteristics of “establishment early, full service, excellent resources and good results”. Established early: has established a good reputation in the industry and user groups through more than ten years of industry precipitation, and has become a senior platform with high reputation and high viscosity. Over the years, the industry has precipitated, which has a huge data base and solid foundation for the “big data operation system” that is committed to. Full service: The service spans multiple levels of enterprise services and user services, and strives to provide refined and effective services for customers from multiple dimensions such as product, operation and maintenance, and planning. At the same time, good service is based on the high-quality elite team owned by Most of them have many years of experience in the investment industry, or have the background of domestic first-line marketing agencies and Internet organizations. Excellent resources: is a resource-intensive platform. At the entrepreneurial service level, strengthen project screening efforts, establish a sound and strict project review process, and create an honest and green environment for entrepreneurs. At the merchant service level, organize various online and offline promotion channels for merchants to improve service effectiveness and help the dream of the world. Good results: Through the research and development of intelligent tools such as Tongbao, IM instant communication tools, mobile phone customer sources, etc., the business-user communication channels have been opened from various fields to achieve deep access to multiple scenes and bring traffic quality.



The company adheres to the business philosophy of “Sincerity, Integrity and Investment”. The main business extends from the traditional advertising company at the beginning of the business to operating software services, software development, IT services, e-commerce, biotechnology, and electronic product processing. Group companies with diversified businesses such as real estate, ecotourism development and furniture. The business covers Internet information services, website operations, advertising media, IT media, IT digital products, bio-pharmaceuticals and other fields. Dozens of its subsidiaries are located in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other cities with nearly 1,000 employees.

There are dozens of branches in 3158 distributed in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other cities, with nearly 1,000 employees. There are more than 600,000 investment projects in the platform, more than 400,000 merchants, and over 30 million entrepreneurial users who are concerned about the platform. They are also loyal to franchisees and entrepreneurs.

Chongqing Yuwuyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. accepted the invitation to attract investment from Chongqing North New District in 2010, and officially settled in Chongqing in December of the same year. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated rich media experience and promotion experience, focusing on entrepreneurs, and providing the cross-regional and cross-industry marketing consulting solutions based on the belief of “being the most trusted entrepreneurial service platform”, from entrepreneurial needs to Resource allocation, from project selection to market positioning, from marketing concepts to business strategies, support small and medium-sized enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and provide e-commerce service platforms for SMEs and entrepreneurs. As a leader in the investment industry, it has a long-term cooperative relationship with nearly 10,000 investment companies, and provides a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to get rich.

Chongqing Yuwuyi Information Technology Co., Ltd., with its agile scientific and technological inspiration, has created a long-standing corporate model, constantly breaking through, innovating and developing, and now it is a well-known enterprise in the industry that truly realizes diversified development. .



53 Affiliate Network as a new star in the industry, the company has professional brand planning, creative design, integrated communication, investment promotion, network marketing and other elite teams, as well as a sound customer service system as a support.

53 Affiliate Network is committed to building a one-stop integrated investment service platform for enterprises, providing enterprise customers with comprehensive systemic investment promotion Internet solutions such as brand planning, brand packaging, brand operation and brand promotion. Provide a comprehensive and systematic investment promotion model for brand and enterprise investment and channel construction in the Chinese market, create competitive investment projects, and take advantage of the strong Internet and professional investment services, fast, efficient, high quality and low cost. The channel layout for the Chinese market for brands and companies. We offer cross-regional, cross-industry marketing consulting solutions ranging from entrepreneurial needs to resource allocation, from project selection to market positioning, from marketing concepts to business strategies.

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