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The mineral rights resource network ( is a professional, authoritative and comprehensive portal site developed by Tangshan Chenyuan Technology Co., Ltd. This website has won the support of related associations, experts, research institutes and geological exploration units at home and abroad. Based on domestic and foreign mineral enterprises, equipment enterprises, investment companies, and other industry enterprises, the market is oriented to provide domestic and foreign markets. News, accurate information on various minerals, selected mineral rights information, expert online technical guidance, character interviews, corporate promotion and other services, with "authority, precision, effective" for the purpose, with our quality professional services for the majority The strategic decision of domestic and foreign customers provides valuable, reliable and reliable market reference information. The development and growth of the mineral rights resource network ( is inseparable from the support and assistance of domestic and foreign mining companies. Our network will rely on advanced information technology, perfect management mechanism and extensive The network coverage and professional talent team will make our network a trade information platform for exchange, cooperation and communication in the mining industry at home and abroad.



China Powder Metallurgy Business Network is a professional powder metallurgy industry website. The website has a domestic powder metallurgy enterprise database, a valuable industry talent pool, and a wealth of industry information. The website also has a variety of original and innovative online. Communication function. China Powder Metallurgy Business Network is committed to providing professional, personalized and humanized services for the majority of powder metallurgy and related industries. It is an online business platform for powder metallurgy enterprises and economic and trade companies to open up markets at home and abroad. China Powder Metallurgy Business Network integrates many advantages. The website has received strong support from the China Iron and Steel Association Powder Metallurgy Branch and the China Machine Tool Powder Metallurgy Branch. The China Powder Metallurgy Business Network is a powder approved by many powder metallurgy associations and the society in China. Metallurgical industry website. The website is dedicated to providing a full range of network services for the majority of powder metallurgical enterprises. The website has a number of technical business backbones with years of experience in the construction of powder metallurgy professional websites. It has gathered a group of team members who are proficient in Internet technology, familiar with the powder metallurgy market, creative design, and excellent e-commerce management implementation plan. Each powder metallurgy association and many industry senior experts have maintained a good cooperative relationship. All of this determines our website to provide new and valuable industry information and excellent technical and business services to the majority of powder metallurgy colleagues. We are willing to work with you to create a better tomorrow in the powder metallurgy industry! Our service tenet: to be practical, to do things seriously: (main domain name) network real name: powder metallurgy business China powder metallurgy business network



China Metal News Network, founded by Zhuzhou Zhongjin Network Media Co., Ltd., was established in 2007. It is a b2b website specializing in providing metallurgical information and supply and demand information. It currently covers steel, non-ferrous metals, ferroalloys, furnace materials, scrap metal, chemicals, Supply, purchase, corporate yellow pages and other sectors. Through the accurate analysis of market metal price changes, sharing rich quotation information resources, providing an important basis for enterprises to grasp the metal market trend.

The website provides metal industry corporate members with supply and demand product release, product quotation and corporate brand promotion, personalized webpage construction and other services, allowing member companies to quickly increase corporate visibility in the industry competition, and obtain more in major search sites. High rankings, thus obtaining more business orders, make the company stand out in the industry competition.



Wuxi Changxin Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese domain name: Stainless Steel Tiandi International Domain Name: was established in July 2004 and is now a leading stainless steel industry portal in China. mainstream media. With the strongest stainless steel distribution center in East China-Wuxi Oriental Stainless Steel Market as the strong backing, combined with Foshan Lanshi Stainless Steel Market, Shanghai Baoxiang Stainless Steel Market, Tianjin Stainless Steel Market, Taiyuan Stainless Steel Market, Shandong, Shenyang and other stainless steel markets throughout the country, it is the stainless steel industry. Manufacturers, distributors, end customers and related companies have built a solid and huge trading platform to provide customers with timely and rich information and information services, introducing stainless steel price quotes, domestic and international macroeconomics, manufacturer dynamics, market news, corporate interviews and Trend analysis and forecasting, etc. In addition, Stainless Steel World is the only media unit in China that has an official background and is designated by the local government to collect stainless steel indexes, which facilitates the government's data statistics. The network is the most extensive and professional stainless steel e-commerce platform in China, and it has built a comprehensive information system from upstream raw materials to terminal demand and from all parts of the country to foreign regions. Timely and accurate stainless steel professional information, let customers understand the policy, information, market, dynamics, trends, analysis and other information related to stainless steel. covers a wide range of customers in the stainless steel industry chain. It covers the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, North America and other regions, with a daily visit of 100,000. The network was revised in 2009 and is moving towards diversification. In order to let customers know about stainless steel information for the first time, the website has opened a mobile phone SMS platform, mobile Internet WAP online platform, stainless steel large community communication platform (the first in China), and a list of popular promotion platforms and other column service projects. At the same time, it provides an important information reference for the procurement of downstream enterprises.

In addition, Stainless Steel World provides customers with a broader promotional space, allowing you to enjoy information and business opportunities while expanding your corporate reputation. Stainless Steel Tiandi people always adhere to the principle of down-to-earth, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and keep the promise. We must do everything well, carefully serve every customer, and earnestly step out every footprint!