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变宝网 is affiliated to Fujian Haixi Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by Gaoke Environmental Protection Engineering Group and is committed to becoming the most influential e-commerce industry in China's renewable resources industry, energy conservation and emission reduction. The platform provides professional information, consulting, matching, transaction and other services for the renewable resources industry practitioners, and builds an online and offline integrated service system for the renewable resources industry to promote the rapid development of the renewable resources industry.



China Waste Network is operated by Ningbo Science and Technology Park Donghuang Network Service Co., Ltd. The company was established in August 2004. Its China Waste Network (formerly Waste Network) has won national awards for many times and reported by domestic and overseas media, and has become the leader in the informationization process of China's renewable resources industry. Founded in August 2004, China Waste Network ( is China's earliest and most influential information platform for renewable resources. At that time, it filled the gap in the informationization process of China's renewable resources industry and led the industry's information transmission and Trading mode. China Waste Network is different from other competitors in its information as its own physical trade service, but is positioned as a professional renewable resource information service provider, aiming to create a scientific mechanism to integrate, the middle and lower reaches of the industry are the objects of our service. The website service covers the needs of various roles in the industry, and is deeply and comprehensively analyzed and displayed. Our customers include Jiangxi Copper, Shanghai Sinosteel Investment Group, Zhejiang Minmetals and so on. Since the birth of the website in August 2004, the State Council has issued a new national policy in October to create a conservation-oriented society. The website conforms to the development of the society, from the original 500 members, to more than 300,000 industry enterprise members in 2010. China Waste Network has become a platform for rapid development. He has won the top 100 awards for the 8th China E-Commerce Industry Website in 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, and 12 years, and the Internet Special Dedication Award.



China Water Industry Network ( was established in 2003 as a water industry portal to provide industry users with comprehensive information on manufacturers, products, technologies, applications, business, markets, training, news and more. As a media company, China Water Industry Network relies on a comprehensive service system consisting of market promotion, market planning, public relations planning, market research, market consulting and talent recruitment to provide a modular and integrated solution based on marketing for water industry enterprises. Industry users can use the China Water Industry Network professional platform to obtain all the information of enterprises, products, technologies, materials, applications, business, services and marketing activities in the industry, and can submit demand feedback online and interact with industry players.

[Site of the website] Designed for water supply and drainage, waterworks, sewage treatment plants and municipal management departments, for industrial wastewater treatment, industrial water, hydrology, water supply, water supply and pump applications , release and exchange various products, technologies, applications, solutions and market information; explore and promote the development of China's water industry technology, energy-saving technology applications.

[For the industry] End users, design institutes, and higher schools in the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, construction, mining, metallurgy, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, home appliance, agriculture, fire, and municipal industries Schools, product manufacturers, distribution/retailers, system integrators.

[User Group] Supervisor, chief engineer, deputy chief engineer, room director, system design engineer, equipment procurement, equipment maintenance, installation and commissioning and process design of industry enterprises, design institutes and operation management departments Staff, etc.

[Related fields] pumps, valves, process instruments, water quality analysis, pipe fittings, solid-liquid separation, aeration equipment, seasoning filter materials, sludge treatment, treatment chemicals, dosing equipment, sterilization, Filtration equipment, pure water equipment, softening and desalination, water supply equipment, water equipment, complete sets of equipment, monitoring equipment, power distribution equipment.



International Energy Network ( is the first e-commerce platform dedicated to the global energy industry application field. Based on the industry data and information resources of the energy industry for nearly 20 years, it has established a coal network, a power network and an oil network. , gas network, new energy network, solar photovoltaic network, wind power network and other industry website groups; and established five professional databases of information, business opportunities, enterprises, products, market, etc., is now the largest domestic customer, the most abundant data information The most visited energy industry e-commerce website is dedicated to building the world's first energy industry value chain service platform. The International Energy Network has the largest professional database of energy industry in China. As of January 2015, it has more than 400,000 registered members in the industry, more than 20 million industry information resources, and nearly 20 years of energy industry statistics. With thousands of information and price information, the daily visit volume has exceeded 200,000 times. It is the platform of choice for industry professionals to inquire about industry information, understand the market trend of the industry, conduct industrial data analysis and research, and obtain business information. International Energy Network integrates professional information services, advertising and promotion services, product promotion services, industry report customization and energy B2B enterprise business communication platform, and enjoys high market influence in the industry.



Environmental Protection Network ( and Internet listed company - Net Sheng Business Bao (002095), to create a domestic professional, authoritative environmental industry e-commerce platform! The environmental protection network is committed to more accurate network promotion and promotion for environmental protection industry enterprises, to build a comprehensive online marketing platform for the majority of enterprises, to provide rich and authoritative industry information, to promote exchanges between industry people, so that the entire industry chain The communication trade is simpler, saving the company's marketing and logistics costs. From the perspective of economic globalization and the rapid development of e-commerce, more companies will choose this kind of low-cost, wide-ranging and high-efficiency network marketing propaganda model in the future, which will be the must for future development of enterprises. The way through. The environmental protection network has the ability, confidence and responsibility to make its own efforts for the enterprises in the environmental protection industry to better use e-commerce to expand their business. The strong professional business platform of the environmental protection network will greatly help enterprises to increase their visibility, establish a brand image, save publicity costs, and seize market opportunities!



ZZ91 Founding: ZZ91 Recycling Network [abbreviated as ZZ91] is a trading platform for recyclable scrap merchants co-founded by overseas returning overseas teams and domestic local professional elites. The website adopts the dual-site operation mode of International English Station ( and Chinese Station (, and builds vertical sub-sites such as scrap metal net, waste plastic net, recycled plastic net and integrated waste net. The content of the website covers nine major waste industries, including scrap metal, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste paper, waste electronics and waste textiles. The platform provides an advanced and easy-to-use supply information publishing and purchase information search network platform, which spreads across the country and faces the whole world, and strongly covers the domestic waste industry gathering areas, ports, and parks. ZZ91 service matrix: the first "network + conference + publication" mode. To create a new model of all-round three-dimensional service combining online and offline services, and set up 16 liaison agencies in the distribution centers of major renewable resource industries across the country, deepen the line, tap the market, and build a system full-featured service brand. Solving the bottleneck of industry development and promoting industrial informationization upgrade is China's most advanced renewable resource network and offline service system. And use the ZZODP waste classification standard system and ZZPic1.0 picture management technology system to solve industrial problems, promote industrial informationization, actively promote the development of China's circular economy and low-carbon economy, and help transform China's economic development mode and economy. Structural adjustment.



China Solar Network is a professional solar energy industry portal in China, bringing together solar energy products. Excellent suppliers covering solar water heaters, solar thermal products, photovoltaic products, solar cells, water heater accessories, etc.; China Solar Network will strive to become a flagship portal for solar energy industry