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Huaqiang LED Network ( is a B2B e-commerce service platform under Huaqiang Electronic Network. It is positioned in the "LED industry chain", which integrates products, supply, purchase, brand, information and technical support. The function is integrated into one, providing domestic e-commerce services such as information release, online transaction, operation management and industry consultation for LED buyers, suppliers, traders and manufacturers. Huaqiang LED Network has created more than 10 kinds of online products and services such as component packages, Chengyitong, BCP certification, standard king and product window. At the same time, it has launched domestic and international co-exhibition services, Huaqiang Business Lecture Hall and “Huaqiang”. Offline services such as Electronic magazine have built a 360-degree e-commerce marketing model that combines online and offline to maximize cost, improve efficiency and expand resources for customers. Established in 2010, Huaqiang LED Network is the industry's leading professional e-commerce platform. It serves the LED industry in an all-round way. It was fully upgraded in February 2017. The Huaqiang LED network upgrade presents four highlights: First, the new “Looking for a business” and In the “Check Data” section, the former Huaqiang LED Network can find the source of goods and online inquiry for the buyers in the “Finding Business” column for free. The latter is a massive e-book library for the LED industry, which is convenient for customers to inquire. Second, it can realize the rapid release of LED products, product search for one-click direct supply demand; Third, provide the latest LED industry information, help LED customers by providing industry-wide, product information and supply chain industry trends as comprehensive as possible decision-making assistance information Accurate market and product positioning; Fourth, through the occasional launch of online activities, participate in offline exhibitions, online online interactive promotion, help customers expand brand influence. With the most authoritative information, the best products and the best service, Huaqiang LED Network stands in the "LED World", providing one-stop Internet procurement solutions for both supply and demand, helping more companies to develop markets and build brand awareness. .



Guzhen Lighting Network ( was established in August 2003. It is a B2B platform that provides online e-commerce and network marketing promotion for Chinese lighting and lighting enterprises. It is currently the largest distributor of lighting and lighting industry in China. Lighting procurement, service platform for engineering orders. After 13 years of development, Guzhen Lighting Network provides the industry's latest enterprise information and supply and demand business opportunities, product information, industry exhibition information, and latest technology market introductions to meet the knowledge of the lighting and lighting industry. , the product understands the needs. With the accumulation of time, as of September 2015, our station has gathered more than 60,000 enterprise library information in the same industry, more than 280,000 supply and demand business opportunities, and more than 210,000 lighting lighting enterprise product display information, becoming the lighting industry today. Come out with important guidance and reference. Now, you only need to search for professional keywords such as Baidu or Google, Bing, Yahoo and other professional search platforms, such as lighting, lighting network, Guzhen lighting, etc., can give priority to our ancient town lighting network.



China Semiconductor Lighting Network was established in October 2004 and is the only online information portal for National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering. Since its establishment, the website has always been a service industry, leading the industry, and transmitting voices. With the growth of industry companies and LED people, the website has witnessed the growth of the entire Chinese semiconductor lighting industry. Under the guidance of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Coordination Leading Group Office and the support of its members, after more than ten years of development, China Semiconductor Lighting Network has become the most authoritative comprehensive service platform in the industry.

With the rapid development of the LED industry, China's semiconductor lighting network has also undergone several improvements and improvements, forming a message, enterprise , the product, supply and demand, talent, production and research and other channels for the development direction of the industry's comprehensive service-oriented platform. As a service-oriented tool that combines the Internet as the main service means and online and offline, under the new era, China Semiconductor Lighting Network will accelerate its own pace of development and continuously improve the platform's service means and service capabilities to promote industry continuity. Healthy development is our responsibility, with the historical mission of “building a healthy LED ecosystem”, and work together with the industry's high-quality resources to create a bright future for the LED industry!



China LED energy-saving lamp network ( is a domestic professional energy-saving lamp industry website, has been committed to China's energy-saving industry (B2B) e-commerce brand, to create a professional LED energy-saving lamp e-commerce platform, with a large number of led Energy-saving lamps, light-emitting diodes, electronic energy-saving lamps, semiconductor energy-saving lamps, led bulbs and other energy-saving industries supply and demand information, provide a variety of LED energy-saving lamps comprehensive information, technology, exchange information, for LED energy-saving lamps industry manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, Retailers and consumers provide a wealth of business opportunities. China LED energy-saving lamp network makes the greatest contribution to customers with integrity, quality service, truth-seeking and innovation.



LED Network was founded in July 2006, focusing on the service LED industry, providing comprehensive business services to customers in the industry. As of February 15, 2012, LED Network ranked 12,181 on the Alexa global website, ranking first in the global LED and lighting portals, and recognized as the authoritative portal for industry professionals. Since its inception, LED Network has always been "intentional service, create value for users" as its purpose, adhere to the "user experience first, continuous improvement" business philosophy, by the industry's majority of users and users of recognition and sought after. The content mainly includes information, technology, business opportunities, community and talents. It has products, purchases, business opportunities, companies, exhibitions, information, technology, forums, blogs, talents and other channels. The content covers all levels of the LED industry, throughout the industry. Chain, involving LED chips, LED package devices, LED display, LED lighting, LED drive power, LED backlight, LED accessories and accessories, equipment and other fields. As of February 2012, the website has more than 200,000 professional registered users, and the average monthly growth rate is 10,000. The number of products exceeds 200,000, the number of enterprises is 40,000, and the number of professional resumes exceeds 15,000. It is the largest portal in the LED industry. The main visitors to China LED Network are corporate executives, engineers, marketing personnel, buyers and procurement, experts and scholars, planners, government personnel, media and so on. LED network provides network advertising, certification members, talent recruitment, soft paper publishing, EDM and other services for the majority of enterprises in the industry, which can provide comprehensive network promotion solutions for industry enterprises. The seminar of the website--International LED Industry Technology Exchange Conference is one of the industry's largest and most professional LED technical seminars, which has been widely praised and affirmed by the industry. LED network is one of the demonstration units of Shenzhen e-commerce, an internship base of Shenzhen University, and a vice president unit of Shenzhen E-Commerce Association. In November 2009, LED Network was named one of the “60 Leading Enterprises in China's E-Commerce”. In December 2010, it was awarded the title of “Integrity China•Top Ten Influential Brands in the Industry”.



Jibang Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional research institution providing market in-depth analysis and industry consulting services, as well as an industrial information media platform. Today, there are more than 410,000 registered members worldwide, gathered from the emerging and technology industry circles. Each year, Jibang Consulting organizes at least five international seminars in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Taipei. In addition to publishing the latest industry research results and analyzing the latest development trends in the market, it also provides exchanges among industry professionals. And can expand the platform of business opportunities in all directions.

TrendForce includes five major research departments - DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside, EnergyTrend, Tektronix and VehicleTrend. The research areas include: DRAM, Flash memory, personal computers, smart phones, laptops, tablets, Structures of high-tech industries in Greater China, such as display-related industries such as LCD TVs, panels and touch technologies, LED, lighting market, solar energy, electric vehicles and lithium batteries, semiconductors, communications, IA, and regional markets Trend research. With a team of professional analysts who are familiar with major industries, we can effectively use diversified research methods to combine the information of buyers and sellers with the latest technology development trends. At the same time, we conduct global and comprehensive research on various industries to provide customers with the most complete business. Strategic Analysis.

TrendForce was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Taipei. It has an office in Shenzhen and has more than 200 professional staff to serve customers from all over the world. If you need more detailed data, please contact us.

TrendForce Green Energy Division LEDinside was established in 2007. It is a professional LED (light-emitting diode) global industry information platform and research organization, providing daily global LED industry news and related data. , intelligence, data, LED applications, prices and trading information, etc., but also provide LED industry analysis and comments, LED industry interviews and a wealth of LED industry knowledge base.