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Pump and Valve Business Network ( is a large-scale pump and valve industry portal for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological, petroleum, agricultural, hospital, college, quality inspection, disease control and other fields. The professional users create a global network marketing service platform, and are committed to building a bridge of information interaction for pumps and related companies at home and abroad to realize business opportunities for customers! Pump Valve Business Network has accumulated excellent service experience and huge customer resources, with nearly 80,000 registered members. Relying on the rich information service experience of Zhejiang Xingwang Baomingtong Network Co., Ltd. and the strong strength of the Internet field, it has become a large professional website in the pump and valve industry. Pump and Valve Business Network provides a wide range of services for industry users in a unique mode to meet the needs of users for comprehensive marketing and promotion. Convenient and fast online trading platforms, professional pump and valve magazines, industry exhibitions, etc. Expand the breadth and depth of services. This station maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign media and establishes a huge information service system. It is an influential professional online media in the field of pump and valve.



"China Pump and Valve Network" (domain name was established in November 2000, under the website of Wenzhou Central Information, is a state-owned B2B pump and valve industry network e-commerce service platform. "China Pump and Valve Network" is mainly used for pump and valve suppliers and purchasers. It is a pump and valve industry product and service that combines pump and valve product supply and demand information, industry information, network technology and pump and valve industry extension service system. Online integrated marketing system." As the "China's Top 100 E-Commerce Websites" and the "Wenzhou Top Ten Industry and E-Commerce Websites", China's pump and valve network currently has a "pump valve talent network" with "China Pump and Valve Network" as the main network. Pump and valve experts online, "pump valve English channel", "pump valve exhibition channel", "pump valve 315 rights online" and other branches and channels, has initially formed a comprehensive, multi-visual, vertical pump valve Online market service marketing system.



In 1996, the founder developed the special management software for the trading industry of the bearing industry, and became the predecessor of the ERP software of "Commerce".

In 1999, China opened its first bearing industry website

In 2004, the company entered the INTERNET server service bearing industry and popularized the management of bearing invoicing in the Internet platform. Currently, all of Yulian's customers are based on cloud server services.

In 2005, the European and American bearing network became the exclusive advertising agency of BEARINGNET.NET China.

In 2009, the spot search platform was opened,, and the information was automatically provided by the "Commerce" software. Distribute accurate, timely, and honest corporate spot information for the industry.

In 2012, the product manual website was established to select products for customers in the service industry.

In 2014, we launched the three-in-one website service of WeChat+Mobile+Online Mall.

In 2015, the company's e-commerce platform went online to provide B2B payment and settlement tools for the bearing industry.



Jiangsu Chuangdian Network Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a website dedicated to providing information inquiry services for the bearing industry. We are committed to the bearing industry data query, procurement information, supply information release, providing the fastest The best inquiries, now have news, bearing exhibitions, bearing brands, inquiries, bearing companies, fast procurement and other services. This station has a total of 112 bearing brands, a total of 260,000+ models, providing tens of thousands of inquiries for the bearing industry practitioners. All models of the search axis are official data, and the data is authoritative. We are constantly improving ourselves, taking pride in customer service, and gradually stabilizing the position of the bearing industry portal, which has become one of the most influential websites in the domestic bearing industry. More than 95% of the audience of the search axis network are employees in the bearing industry. The regional distribution is mainly in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities. It is very suitable for bearing manufacturers to promote product image and release. product information.



Weip Valve Network specializes in the valve and pipe fittings industry, valve manufacturers and users of free supply and demand information release site. Covers all kinds of valve manufacturers, valve spot real shot, valve procurement, valve encyclopedia, valve knowledge and technology selection, valve plumbing hardware and electromechanical market, valve mall, valve Daquan, valve price list, valve standard, valve brand, valve agent, Valve Academy, valve installation, valve repair, valve self-media and other information.



Zhongyi Bearing Network (abbreviation: was established in 2003 and is one of the websites of Hangzhou Golden Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. We focus on the service bearing industry, integrate the bearing industry resources, solve the supply and demand problems of bearing enterprises' raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products, machinery and equipment, accessories, etc., help enterprises reduce procurement costs, improve production efficiency, improve customer experience through professional operation, and fully optimize The enterprise e-commerce business model has provided a powerful boost for the upgrading and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. has done many years of technical research in bearing production, manufacturing, and industrial big data. It has accumulated a large number of SMEs' procurement and promotion trends, matching upstream and downstream, and has collected tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprise data and supply and demand information for upstream and downstream industry chains. Focusing on the establishment of enterprise sales channel expansion and the establishment of supply and demand relationship within the industry, the bearing industry ecological platform with big data application will be gradually formed.

Let the company go to the network and let the network gather enterprises. We are convinced that: strong technology + sincere service + support from the majority of users = success, Hua axis network is willing to be more professional and more intimate service The development of the enterprise will do its part to make suggestions for the growth of the enterprise. We look forward to working with you to continuously develop and innovate and win more online trade miracles!