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China Textile Machinery Network ( has been established since its establishment in 2001. It has witnessed the development of the textile industry and has always been committed to leading textile industry information reporting, carrying the mission of reporting and disseminating industrial information. Textile Machinery Mall and Textile Online Professional Website Group formed the textile industry network media branded by TTMN.

China Textile Machinery Network runs through the upstream and downstream of textile machinery and online trading by China Textile Machinery Network. China, Textile Machinery Mall and Textile Online In October 2012, Textile Machinery Mall realized online payment.

The meaning of TTMN:

China Textile Machinery Network is like a pair of bright and deep glasses, watching the Chinese textile industry continue to surpass itself and continue to go international, one milestone turning point, and Establish a bridge between the textile industry and the textile industry for communication and communication in the context of the information age. China Textile Machinery Network will endeavor to integrate various resources under the environment of China's textile industry, and gradually expand into a new portal for China's textile industry from a professional and comprehensive textile machinery portal.

•“TTMN” stands for the English abbreviation of the textile machinery website

•“TT” means Textile (

•“M” means Machinery (machine )

•“N” means Network



China Children's Shoes Network ( is the official portal of China Children's Shoes Industry Summit Forum. It is also the e-commerce information public service platform for children's shoes industry in Fujian Province. It is based in Fujian and serves the whole country. Focus on children's shoes and apparel industry, facing the global children's shoes and apparel business, comprehensively promote the development of industrial information. China Children's Shoes Network is a collection of children's shoes, children's shoes, children's enterprises, investment information, distribution network, marketing integration and e-commerce service platform of the majority of traders, all-weather borderless information exchange, has covered more than 90% of the country's children's shoes brand. Founded in 2005, China Children's Shoes Network was invested by China Children's Shoes Group Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou Liuhe Children's Creative Industry Co., Ltd., sponsored by Fujian Children's Shoes Association. At present, it has obtained the telecom business operation license (闽B2-20120032). In August 2011, Yujing won the title of “2012 China's Most Valuable Children's Shoes Industry E-Commerce Website”. China Children's Shoes Network has established long-term cooperative relationships with industry associations, exhibitions, forums and other industry organizations for many years. It has a good reputation and extensive influence in the children's footwear industry! China Children's Shoes Network reflects the dynamic trend of the world's children's footwear industry in a timely manner, providing a global propaganda position for the majority of children's shoes enterprises. It is the window and bridge for the world to understand Chinese children's shoes and Chinese children's shoes to the world.



Shishi Phiteng Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a fashion brand leading media for children's wear children's shoes B2B and B2S.

We understand that our mission is to provide customers with the most valuable service,

With our experienced network brand promotion, professional WEB art design, excellent database and program development, dedicated customer service team,

and continuous research on the Internet for many years, /p>

Comprehensive understanding of industry customers, overall planning control of the project, mastery of international standards and fashion trends,

visual transfer of customer image, perfect integration of application systems, etc. ,

We can quickly provide one-stop service for enterprises.

Since then, your website and brand promotion are no longer just a display, you can really create value for you.

Quality and credibility are the cornerstones of our development. We firmly believe that "quality creates value", we pay attention to every requirement put forward by customers,

We fully consider every detail, we are active Good service, we strive to develop a better vision,

We have been widely praised by the industry and customers through our unremitting efforts.

All this also motivates us. Better service to customers;

The most important point of Phaeton Network is to know how to reflect customer requirements,

We will never be satisfied with our previous achievements,

In front of all new and old customers, we are very happy and honest to contact you and get to know your business more deeply.

Every time we cooperate, every new experience and Challenge, we are always with you.




“丽人服装网” (also known as clothing fashion network) belongs to Yiwu Liren Network Technology Co., Ltd., located in Yiwu, an international business city. The company was established in early 2009, 2011 In the year of the establishment of the Liren clothing network office in Hangzhou; we always adhere to the "professional, dedicated service" as its purpose, to provide quality services to enterprises, enhance corporate brand value.

We have changed the pattern of previous industry websites

We have changed the model of previous industry websites, and strive to push corporate brands to dealers and end consumers in all directions. Channels provide brand image promotion services for the majority of enterprises. From the beginning to the completion of the website production, the support and welcome of our customers. Liren currently has more than 800,000 registered members and over 1.2 million dealer members. The daily average page views exceed 2.6 million, and the number of visitors accounts for more than 70%, covering domestic and foreign customers. We have worked with Alibaba, Baidu, Google, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Qingdao TV Life Service Channel, Qingdao International Crafts City Newspaper, China Fashion News, Clothing Times, and Clothing. The "Guide", "Textile and Apparel Weekly" and other media established friendly relations and cooperation. It is a professional clothing industry investment platform integrating enterprises, brands, distributors and consumers. Spreading brand image and corporate dynamics, providing peer-to-peer dealer recommendation services for enterprises, has successfully established long-term investment promotion cooperation relationship with many enterprises.

Our service target is clothing company. Our promotion target pays more attention to clothing dealers and consumers.

Because only more dealers can better serve the company, faster To convey popular information at home and abroad for consumers, they are the source of power for our industry. We have a professional and excellent after-sales customer team dedicated to providing dealer consultation services. At the same time, we also provide an interactive platform under the questions and answers of the beauty clothing network, always pay attention to the dynamics and opinions of dealers and consumers. We also have excellent team to provide professional technical support, professional art design, professional brand promotion, and carry out planned and purposeful news release for corporate brands, and carry out all-round promotion and display of brands. Choosing Beauty Clothing Network for brand promotion and investment promotion can enhance brand value, enhance brand competitiveness and popularity, and bring unlimited business opportunities.

In 2011, we established the Liren Clothing Network Office in Hangzhou

This will provide our customers with better and more direct services. We will continue to uphold our advantages for each A customer-tailored online marketing solution that leverages its characteristics and achieves better marketing results is our goal to serve our customers. Creating profits for our customers and making progress together with our customers is our ultimate value! “Speak with effect, prove with service”, Liren Garment Network will not innovate and improve its own platform. Liren Garment will be happy to provide you with quality service and investment platform. We will use our wisdom and sweat to seek more. Great breakthrough, look forward to working with you to create a new bright spot in the Chinese apparel industry.

The main columns of "Beauty Clothing Network"

The main columns of "Lieren Clothing Network" include: famous world, fashion brand, brand yellow pages, corporate news, brand dynamics, brand launch , fashion reports, fashion news, business opportunities, success stories, popular zones; brand content related to men's, women's, leisure, sports, underwear, shirts, baby products, jewelry, cosmetics, sweaters / down, footwear, leather goods, fur , household items, etc. The visitors of “Beauty Apparel Network” cover domestic and foreign customers, mainly in the high-recognition areas of South China, East China and Central China. They are attracted by professionals in the clothing, apparel and cosmetics industries and fashion-seekers. A large number of fashion consumers.

The purpose of the network of beauty clothing network

(1) Let more end consumers know more domestic clothing, accessories, cosmetics brands and not just stay in the international The level of the brand.

(2) Provide a high-speed information platform for agents looking for agents of well-known brands at home and abroad.

(3) to convey popular information at home and abroad for fashion consumers.

(4) Fully expand the influence and image of domestic corporate brands through quality improvement, innovative design and scientific marketing.

(5) Disseminate the company's products in a fashion message and showcase the true charm of more SME brands.



Dongguan Garment Wholesale Network ( was established at the end of July 2007. It is an e-commerce clothing wholesale platform that professionally serves online stores and physical stores. The company cooperates with many garment manufacturers and clothing brand companies to build a large-scale clothing wholesale and distribution platform. We are committed to comprehensively integrating the rich clothing resources in Humen, Guangdong Province through an advanced Internet platform, reducing circulation and providing clothing retailers across the country. Affordable clothing supply and clothing wholesale chain brand. To provide users with fashion women's clothing, Korean women's clothing, fashion women's clothing and a variety of wholesale services for men and women and other fields. It is the largest e-commerce operator in China's fashion women's wear. "Dongguan Garment Wholesale Network" has set up a large garment processing factory and logistics distribution center, and cooperates directly with many garment manufacturers and foreign trade garment factories. It can provide all kinds of fine fashion women's wear, foreign trade brand apparel and other four seasons clothing wholesale, and the supply is sufficient. New products are the best choice for boutique clothing stores and clothing dealers. So far, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with nearly 50 leading garment manufacturers and apparel brand companies in Humen and Guangzhou. At the same time, we have several own brands and distributors and customer networks all over the country. We are making every effort to create the preferred brand of domestic online and offline clothing purchases with the best products, the lowest price and the best service. The company has five years of experience in fashion women's e-commerce operations, and has established good relations of cooperation with major domestic and international brands of women's wear and children's wear. Through the channel integration of more than a thousand retail terminals, the company has reduced the supply price of the products to the greatest extent, and proposed a set of perfect solutions for the special field of fashion women's e-commerce, to solve all preparatory work and later for the franchisees. Delivery service. The company minimizes the risk of barriers and franchisees in the fashion women's e-commerce field, allowing franchisees to spend less time in the preparatory work, and put more energy into the website's publicity operations and sales of goods. Effectively improve the success rate of franchisees. Our business purpose: "Synchronize with global fashion, share success with partners", our business philosophy: "Fashion+Affordable'. "Dongguan Women's Wholesale Network" hopes and strives to be the best partner in your clothing business! Attentive service, people-oriented. Welcome to join, work together and develop together! We believe that we will continue to work hard in 2013.



Oriental Cosmetics Network is a professional cosmetics investment website co-founded by senior experts in the daily chemical industry and Internet marketing technology elites. It provides business partners with cosmetics investment agency information, cosmetics prices and other information supplemented by the Japanese chemical industry peers. information. Committed to building a convenient, fast and accurate information exchange platform for cosmetics manufacturers and distributors, helping cosmetic companies to open up markets and establish channels at low cost. We will always adhere to the "integrity, professionalism, unity, innovation, win-win, development." The spirit of enterprise, with a solid work style, dedication to provide each customer with the best quality service! We are willing to work with elite talents to build a career carrier. will be your ideal partner! Enterprise spirit: integrity, professionalism, unity, innovation, win-win, development! Company philosophy: Maximizing the interests of customers means maximizing the interests of the company! Management policy: Provide a fair, just and reasonable development platform, and continue to provide customers with satisfactory network-related services! Mission: Customer first, reputation first, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!



53 source network is an online shop supply and demand website, designed to solve the supply of open shop for friends who want to open Taobao, Weishang, pat network shop and no source of goods, for product manufacturers and suppliers Product promotion platform. The website was established in 2006. The members are free to register and publish the supply and demand information on the website. In the past few years, they have gathered a lot of good credit sources. The products involve women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry... And more than 100,000 suppliers of goods in various industries, gathered a large number of high-quality Taobao shop supply.



Zhejiang Wangsheng Business Bao Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhejiang Wangsheng Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in Internet information services, e-commerce and enterprise application software development. It is a vertical professional website development and operation company in China. First, domestic professional B2B e-commerce iconic enterprises. On December 15, 2006, Netsun Technology was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002095), becoming the “domestic pure Internet first stock” and creating the “A share myth”. After the listing, Netsun Businessbao actively expanded into new areas of e-commerce, creating a new e-commerce development model of “small portal + alliance” and becoming a new navigation mark for the development of e-commerce in China. The company has a reasonable level of technical development team, market development and service team composed of doctors, masters and bachelors. It has more than 700 employees, with an average age of 26 years old and 98% of them with bachelor degree or above. The company has established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Seoul, South Korea, and Seattle, USA, forming a market and service system covering the whole country and radiating the world.



Textile is one of the preferred textile industry websites, the platform of choice for textile professionals with rich data and high traffic. The website has a professional textile search engine and textile product database, which contains more than 80,000 textile sites and more than 110,000 product information, covering all aspects of the textile industry, such as business opportunities, international purchases, textile quotas, news centers, policies and regulations. The daily visit rate reached 350,000, and it has a market share of more than 50% in the industry.


中国纺织网 China Textile Network was established on 2015.10.1. This day is just the National Day. It is a day for the people to celebrate the joy and joy. For the employees engaged in the IT industry, establish a website of their own, from the beginning to the growth. It is a dream of the webmaster! After years of seeking and hard work, I finally got the first step. This first step really waited too long.         Regarding the domain name of TEXCN China Textile Network, was purchased by the website through the name of China. It took a lot of effort and money. The value of its domain name is in 5 digits, although not many, but for entrepreneurs. But it is not a small amount of money.         TEX is Textile (textile abbreviation: dictionary result: texture[英][ˈtekstaɪl][美][ˈtɛksˌtaɪl, -təl]n.Textiles, fabrics; textile industry; plural: textiles); CN stands for China, CN is China CHINA Abbreviation, CN is also the Chinese national top-level domain. So after our combination TEX+CN, China Textile Network was born.         We want to promote our textile industry through a simple and simple domain name, not only domestic, but more importantly, foreign markets. The English version of TEXCN China Textile Network is under intense development and production, hoping to be able to communicate with everyone in the early days. Meet and let the world know that China has a TEXCN textile network.         2019.5.17 China Textile Network continued to be updated, providing better service to customers.