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The Global UAV Network was founded in 2005. It is an e-commerce platform for the UAV industry founded and operated by Ifei Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., focusing on the UAV field, serving the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, and is China. The e-commerce B2B platform of the drone industry with early start, rich data, large customer volume and wide customer base. The global drone network has been committed to providing government enterprises and institutions with product procurement, bidding, sales, brand promotion, application support, talent recruitment, personnel training, news and other services. Since its establishment 10 years ago, it has developed into a leading B2B portal for the drone industry.

In September 2015, the global drone network launched the "Global UAV" e-magazine

In September 2015, the global drone network launched a new domain name https://www.

In October 2013, he successfully hosted the "I and UAV" Essay Competition with Sina Military

August 2012 Global UAV Online Line

< p>In August 2008, the National Defense Technology Network drone channel was launched

In July 2005, the Defense Technology Forum UAV Forum was launched



In the past, "Chenghai" knew that Chenghai was a national toy production base. Now mentioning "toy" is not a Chenghai. Chenghai, which is known as “China Toys and Gifts City”, has tens of thousands of toy manufacturers of various types, and has produced famous brands such as “Audi”, “Converse”, “Xiaobailong” and “Huanqi”. In this fertile soil rich in toys, since 2005, it has spawned a growing e-commerce platform in the toy industry - "Toy Baba". From the day of its birth, “Toy Baba” has been committed to “Building a professional toy trade B2B platform”. After all the toy Baba people’s nine spring and autumn efforts, “Toy Baba” has developed into a small 429 small toy industry. Classification, more than 35,000 manufacturers, hundreds of thousands of direct manufacturers of toy integrated platform, for the majority of buyers to provide direct access to manufacturers one-stop procurement platform, is the majority of manufacturers to promote the brand, release product information, and make business partners The ideal window. Through the strong promotion of more than 100,000 keywords on the Internet, the daily hit rate of toy Baba is more than 100,000 times, which is in the forefront of the toy industry. Toy Baba has become a "toy" keyword recommendation site for baidu, google, soso, sogou, yahoo and other search engines. Over the years, Toy Baba has participated in more than 30 domestic and international toy exhibitions. The toy Baba professional promotion team has traveled all over the country and established long-term cooperative relationships with thousands of professional buyers in dozens of toy wholesale markets across the country. After years of hard work, the achievements of Toy Baba have been well received by people of insight in the community. "Toy Baba is a gold mine. Everyone who knows toys will look bright. It is a 100-fold choice for a toy Baba member." It has become the consensus of many toy industry people. Looking forward to the future, Toy Baba will continue to maintain high entrepreneurial enthusiasm, innovative ideas, professional service attitude, promote the momentum for the majority of manufacturers, and match the majority of buyers. In the days to come, Toy Baba will do its part to promote the Chinese toy industry with down-to-earth actions.



The wholesale platform of the gift net is a professional B2B2C gift wholesale channel e-commerce, dedicated to hundreds of millions of families, enterprise groups procurement, customization; quality gifts, gift origin direct supply, wholesale affordable, complete categories, to meet people's quality of daily necessities Desire for demand.

Investment enterprise scope: Global

Investment commodity range: personalized custom flower cake craft gift electronic digital home appliance clock home textile business office sports leisure jewelry ceramic gift beauty beauty health food health food wine Maternal and child supplies leather luggage gift card gift certificate



Megapin (Beijing) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a e-commerce company that sells professional sports equipment. It was established in March 2012 and sells online badminton, table tennis, tennis, outdoor, fitness and more. The variety of products continues to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation with major brands, ensuring the richness of various categories of products, providing a full range of products and services for all types of sports brand enthusiasts to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. The products provided by the dynamic goods network are all authentic licensed, ensuring the same quality as the counters in the shopping malls, and can be inspected and appraised, solemnly promised “fake one loses two”; in terms of price: the purchase of dynamic goods is a formal channel, reducing the multiple links in the middle, insisting on Authentic low price, small profits but quick turnover; in terms of shipment: has a special quality inspection staff, after a multi-layer quality inspection, strictly control the quality of the products shipped; in terms of services: the dynamic network has a professional customer service staff To ensure the first time to accurately answer customer inquiries and questions, provide patient pre-sales consultation, professional sales support, and quality after-sales service, so that each customer can experience the health and happiness brought by sports. Free shipping for over 199 yuan, the dynamic network will choose the fastest delivery, best service delivery, according to your region, for your door-to-door delivery. Support home delivery to payment (the area can be enjoyed in the area where the payment is delivered to the payment). Customers can order by online ordering. As long as the delivery address is within the city range of cash on delivery, you can choose the cash on delivery method. Payment (excluding post-processing goods).


优个网 (, a professional sports mall. Founded in 2008, it has served more than 3 million sports enthusiasts. It can meet the equipment needs of sports enthusiasts in sports such as “running, cycling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, football, swimming”, and will radiate equipment services to all sports in the future. Meet the needs of sports. Since its inception, the platform has focused on "professional and genuine professional services" for the purpose of serving users, and has formed a good brand reputation in the industry. Since 2015, Youyou has successively deployed nearly 20 offline service stores nationwide and established strategic cooperation with nearly 3,000 sports clubs. Through the integration of the community, it aims to provide better and more professional sports for the majority of sports fans nationwide. Equipment service. Yoger people continue to shorten the channel link, allowing low-priced, high-quality goods to reach the consumer terminal. Received direct authorization from dozens of Chinese and foreign brands including Li Ning, Double Happiness, Butterfly Butterfly, Victor, Stiga, Mizuno Mizuno. At present, in the running, cycling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, football, swimming and other sports, they occupy the market leading position, " want to exercise, on the excellent network " ;, has become the consensus of many sports enthusiasts. In 2016, Yoger launched a community-based sports service app – excellent sports, in addition to a selection of high-quality sports equipment, but also for consumers to bring online communication, offline activities and other sports services! In the past few years, based on the most simple "custom service" and "heart-to-heart" service concept, Yoger people almost instinctively provide users with professional and personalized services. If the user can feel valuable, pleasant, friendly, sincere and caring service in Yoyo, Yoger is happy. Frankly speaking, just as children are eager to be praised, Yoger people enjoy the recognition and praise of users, and they spare no effort and are proud of it. At Yoyo, Yoger's team walks together based on similar values, working closely together and simply getting along. In terms of the new talents of the talents, the Yoger people adhere to the principle of “value first”, and the values of the whole team are converging, so that the Yoger people can feel love, friends, happiness and great sense of accomplishment in addition to their work. The origin of Yougewang and "YOGER": YOGER is a self-created word from an English "YouOwntheGeneEarningReputation", which reveals a strong and enterprising spirit, which is a very good interpretation of the promotion of The spirit of sports: a spirit of not giving up, not giving up, constantly making progress, a life attitude that rejects mediocrity, loves life, and is full of vitality. So at the beginning of the business, the founder Liu Huanjie extracted the English initials of this sentence and created the word "YOGER", which is easy to pronounce, concise and clear. Transliteration into Chinese is "excellent", and I hope everyone can gain strength from the sports they love, with "excellent life, personal life"



The original blog network of China Sports Network was officially launched in 2008. Due to the continuous expansion of business, the original business of stadium facilities has gradually extended to the sports industry, including sports goods industry, fitness equipment industry, sports facilities, expansion equipment, amusement facilities, athletic gymnastics equipment, water sports equipment, martial arts supplies. Sports related industries. The company provides e-commerce platforms for the above-mentioned sports industry-related enterprises, and suppliers can have their own independent e-commerce stores in the body. The body network has the following major channel columns: recruitment, supply and demand information, information news, exhibition information, high-end interviews, facility lectures, special topics, procurement guides. The website section settings are both vendor and buyer services. The Sports Network is an e-commerce platform for the sports industry. It helps companies to establish their own independent publicity windows, which can display corporate images, products, engineering cases, etc. At the same time, the website continuously recruits bid information and news information columns to help enterprises quickly grasp the market. Markets and directions, quickly gain market opportunities. The buyer's magical facilities lecture hall provides the public with relevant professional knowledge of the sports industry, such as shopping guide information, maintenance knowledge, product introduction and usage methods. The high-end interviews on the website provide accurate brand promotion for the company; the exhibition channel creates for you. The online sports fair that never ends on the Internet. The "China Sports Facilities Purchasing Guide" magazine published by the body blog published 38,000 copies of each issue, which is the star column of the body. Based on the establishment of a communication and communication platform for the sports industry, the company is committed to promoting the development of China's sports industry, helping sports industry enterprises to grasp the market conditions and direction, quickly gain market opportunities, reduce the cost of raw materials procurement and production. With the aim of managing costs and driving the rapid development of the sports industry, it has cultivated more professionals in the sports industry for China and contributed to the global leading cause of sports in China. “By efforts to standardize and secure sports facilities.” It is the source of power and corporate mission of the bodybuilding network. "Building a sports industry service chain." is the long-term goal of the body network. Through the establishment of the station for more than a year, the body network has been initially recognized by the industry, more than 95% of which are sports facilities manufacturing.



Yicong Amusement Equipment Network (hereinafter referred to as: Yi Cong Network) ( was established in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in the winter of 2016. The website is a vertical B2B e-commerce platform for amusement equipment, mainly releasing information on amusement equipment. , the brand provides, Yi Cong network is affiliated to Zhengzhou Hao Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded by local senior network person Zhao Yun. It is an interactive platform for amusement equipment information.

The mission of Yi is to integrate local amusement equipment resources, provide a real, efficient and convenient procurement platform for enterprises and customers through the network platform, and promote the benign development of the amusement equipment industry and promote the buyers and sellers. Transaction.

The company adheres to the management and operation concept of focusing on quality, respecting talents and simple and clear service methods to serve the vast number of enterprises! The concept of Yi is: “Becoming a good partner for SMEs!”, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to develop, and is committed to promoting the development of amusement equipment business, providing accurate product and supplier information search for professional purchasing equipment and procurement engineers of amusement equipment. service.

The way we think:

Highly focused: We focus on information and technology that benefits businesses through the Internet.

User Experience: Powerful features, simple Operation, friendly user experience, this is our commitment.

Our philosophy is:

Provide high-quality, accurate business information to fully integrate user data and provide value to users Service, the needs of users represent our pursuit of goals.

We believe that:

With our unremitting efforts, we can become the most profitable website.

Deep Statement:

We are eager to be a data mining and information service provider focused on the enterprise, dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and the creation of amusement equipment.

< p>The history and honor of Yicong.

In March 2014, was registered in the State Administration of Trademarks and the trademark of Yicong was legally protected

September 2016 Zhengzhou Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established

In January 2017, Yi Cong Network ( went online for trial operation

In March 2017, Alibaba Cloud Qingdao was used for the website of Yi Cong. Ensure access speed is improved



Sino-foreign Toys Network constitutes the industry portal platform with toy information, product mall and brand investment business. It provides professional information and business services for the pan-toy toy industry chain. It is the only search in the industry by Baidu, Google, Sogou, 360, etc. The news source site included in the engine attracts tens of thousands of industry visitors every day and has become the largest portal for the toy industry.

Chinese and foreign toys new media with WeChat public number and mobile APP as the main information dissemination terminal, with comprehensive and authoritative information channels and news perspective, quickly and accurately disseminate information on the toy industry. After years of deep cultivation, it has hundreds of thousands of industries. The fan base is the most influential new media matrix in the toy industry.