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Shenyang Yinglian Plastic Cable Co., Ltd. is a wire and cable enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The company was established on September 4, 2013 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The registered address is Weinan, Shenyang, Liaoning Province. New district. Since its establishment five years ago, the company has been adhering to the concept of "enterprise development, technology first", and carefully builds scientific research teams to lay a solid foundation for the overall revitalization of enterprises. The company has advanced R&D and testing equipment. On this basis, the company has continuously increased its R&D investment and continuously improved the original production line, so that the production process and process have been at the leading level. Our company has passed the national CCC compulsory certification and has applied for 12 utility model patents, 1 invention patent and 2 software copyrights. Product performance is at the leading level in China. The sales network is spread all over the country. We have long-term cooperation with many large domestic enterprises and have been unanimously recognized by customers. Annual average sales growth rate exceeds 30%



The most professional and authoritative information media platform in the industrial electrical (electrical) industry! Founded in 1999, China Industrial Electrical Network ( has been focusing on industrial electrical/electrical fields, providing the latest and most comprehensive industry information, policy interpretation, technical exchanges, industry exhibitions and networks for industrial electrical/electrical industry professionals. Services such as selection, talent recruitment and e-commerce have pioneered the B2B business in China's electrical industry. As the largest portal and interactive platform for China's industrial electrical industry, CNELC focuses on advanced network media and high-efficiency and stable e-commerce platform. It integrates the upstream and downstream industry chains of the industry and develops in multiple channels. After more than ten years of hard work, it has become the most professional and authoritative information media platform in the industrial electrical (electrical) industry! Up to now, there are more than 1.3 million registered users, and the number is increasing by more than 300/day. The global website ALEXA ranks 16,000, the website PR value is 6, the Baidu weight is 6, and the average daily visit volume of the website is over 60,000 times (IP address). The number of views exceeds 650,000 Pages, and the maximum number of hits exceeds 2 million.



China Energy Saving Lamp Network ( is the first energy-saving lamp industry website in China. It has been committed to China's energy-saving industry (B2B) e-commerce brand, creating a professional energy-saving lamp e-commerce platform with a large number of LED lights. , incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, solar energy and other energy-saving industry supply and demand information, provide a variety of energy-saving comprehensive information, technology, exchange information, for the energy-saving industry manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and consumers to provide a wealth of business information. China Energy-saving Light Network has made the greatest contribution to our customers with integrity, quality service, truth-seeking and innovation. We promise: no best, only better!



The Polaris Power Network was founded in December 1999 and has been focusing on the power sector, providing industry information, policy interpretation, technical exchanges, talent recruitment and e-commerce services to the power industry. The Arctic Star Power Network ALEXA ranks within 20,000. At present, it has a total of 3 million power-related members and a daily PV of more than 1.2 million. It is a vertical portal for the power industry. The Polaris Power Network is a platform for product promotion and marketing promotion of power companies.



China Electric Appliances Network is affiliated to Wenzhou Bunny Network Technology Co., Ltd., and the Electrical Capital Network provides you with free electrical information release and display. We are based in Liushi Town, the capital of China's electrical appliances, and radiate across the country, covering electric power. Electronic appliances, vacuum circuit breakers, complete sets of switchgear cabinets, low-voltage electrical appliances, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other types and brand manufacturers, with China's electrical and electrical city core enterprises and product resources, to provide you with new product release, to product inventory, to buy product information Tender, aggregate quality products and enterprises, and let electrical purchases to the place of origin. China Electrical Appliances Network provides you with marketing website construction, brand marketing planning, search engine optimization promotion, WeChat public number, WeChat applet, new retail service solutions, mobile internet marketing services, and building a leading traditional electrical enterprise to embrace the Internet + network Promote the implementation platform. Learn about China's electrical capital: China's electrical capital was officially established in 2001. The China Machinery Industry Federation officially named and sent Yueqing Liuzhou as the “China Electric Capital” during the “First China Electrical Culture Festival” held by the People’s Government of Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Since then, the "China Electric Capital" has been officially named and settled in Liushi Town, Yueqing City. Liuzhou City is known as “China Electric Power Capital”, “China Circuit Breaker Production Base” and “China Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Production Base”. China Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is the industrial electrical production base with the largest production scale, the highest market share and the most complete product range in China.



China Electric Network ( is China's electrical industry portal, professional B2B e-commerce website, electrical equipment product network trading platform, is the leader of the electrical industry network media, is the traditional electrical procurement and modern e-commerce The pioneer of the combination of modes, in the service concept of “winning customers with service and winning the market”, has created a unique industry website model and service model in the course of many years of development. China Electric Network provides products for you free of charge. Buying information, news information, technical exchanges, exhibition information, talent recruitment and other information. Free display of the latest and most complete electrical industry supply and demand information. China Electric Network ( takes customers as God and provides customers with maximum value-added services with the free model as the core. "Customer needs are our needs", and it is committed to listening, digging and satisfying the needs of doing business as a businessman, insisting on the needs of users, and hopes to present every piece of information, every transaction, every Every event, every page is your satisfaction. China Electric Network ( provides members with numerous business information and recommends a large number of creditworthy credit companies on a daily basis to provide reference for economic activities in the industry. Due to the unique market positioning and deep service content, the daily traffic of the website has maintained steady growth, which has become an important channel for merchants to communicate, exchange, publish and obtain information. Service is everything, your satisfied smile is our biggest reward to choose China Electric Network ( benefits: 1, enhance corporate image and display products; 2, huge visits; 3, quality service; 4 , timely and effective business information; 5, all-round information display; 6, the simplest release system;



Inverter Industry Network (formerly China Inverter Network) brings together domestic The products and information of thousands of inverter companies provide a large number of real inverter purchase information every day. It is the professional website of the inverter industry brand promotion and product display. /p>



Zhonghua Sensor ( Dedicated to the sensor and instrumentation industry, according to the actual situation of the Chinese sensor market, a new e-commerce platform tailored for the majority of users. Here, there are manufacturers, distributors and purchasing units in many sensor industries across the country. Everyone here negotiates business and conducts online exchanges to promote the prosperity of this market. It has become one of the largest sensor e-commerce websites in China. We strive to provide comprehensive, authoritative and professional information and information services and products and services for manufacturers, distributors and consumers of electronic products with functional and personalized services. Our goal: to build the first portal of the sensor industry after several years of development, with the maturity of the network platform, China Sensor has accumulated a large number of industry resources and service experience. Starting from the perspective and interests of the service sensor industry, we make full use of abundant network resources, apply professional and powerful network technology, and satisfy the requirements of diversification, individualization and compounding of customers to the greatest extent, and obtain the majority of sensor manufacturers and users. Praise. After long-term continuous efforts, the website now has nearly 100,000 registered users (mostly manufacturers and end users), with tens of thousands of daily visits, and has been in the leading position in the instrumentation industry. China Sensors will make full use of the strong technical advantages of the Internet in terms of timeliness, interactivity, multimedia, etc., and open up a new era of infinitely exciting network fourth media, and will be backed by strong traditional media, facing the sensor industry, seeking strong The new ways of cooperation and joint development show more attractive prospects, and companies are welcome to participate and cooperate actively. At present, China Sensors is dedicated to providing you with the following services:

1Product Center: Display of various sensor products

2Business Directory: Manufacturers, Distributors, Research Institutes, Colleges and Universities, Industry Associations/Society Instrumentation Industry Media

3 Business Opportunities: including product supply and demand, enterprise product quotation

4Technology: including professional papers, application cases, basic knowledge, technical questions, and common data queries /p>

5Technology Forum: Expertise Discussion and Answers

6 Industry News: including industry activities, development trends, market analysis, user trends, relevant government regulations, guidelines, new Product New Technology

7 Exhibition Information: including the latest exhibition information in various regions of the world and domestic

8 Bidding Information: including the latest recruitment and bidding information in the industry