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Zhexin shares, full name: Beijing Zhaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., stock code: 430073, registered capital of 56.02 million yuan, controlled by Hong Kong-listed company HC Group (stock code: HK02280) 79.51%, is an informationization The service is the core business of the Internet of Things enterprise. Zhaoxin Anti-Counterfeiting Company is based on “Product Digital Identity Management Technology”, based on cloud platform, using big data, Internet of Things, Internet, blockchain and other technologies, through digital code, QR code, RFID and other labels and printing and packaging carriers. To provide customers with comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, traceability, marketing, big data, supply chain management, consumer management and other management services covering the entire product life cycle. The company was established in 1996, with 6 service centers and 48 branches, and has basically realized localization services nationwide. In 2017, the company assigned nearly 10 billion pieces. Wuhan and Beijing have three sets of complete operation systems at the same time, which have the capability of remote disaster recovery, information data HC cloud storage, multi-layer encrypted user identity rights management, and ensure enterprise user information security.



Packaging and Printing Industry Network (original packaging and printing exhibition network) was established in 2005. It is a professional information portal for packaging and printing industry and an excellent B2B network service platform. It is committed to providing industry information and market dynamics for merchants in the packaging and printing industry. Information exchange services such as price quotes, industry exhibitions, technical materials, conference lectures, etc. The combination of excellent information gathering expertise and deep market experience has further enhanced the comprehensive service level of the website. The packaging and printing industry network has been operating for ten years in the industry and has accumulated rich service experience and customer resources. As of 2014, the website has registered professional members in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, and has been selected as one of the top 100 Chinese e-commerce websites for many years. It has grown into a domestic information exchange business platform for packaging and printing industry.



"China Packaging Industry Network" ( is sponsored by Beijing Huike Ruizhi Technology Development Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in China's Internet information service field. It is a long-term trusted network promotion platform for enterprises. The most accurate and comprehensive product display and information release platform, bringing together the latest products and suppliers of various brands, specifications, prices, and suppliers from all over the country. The scale is large, the interface is friendly, and the functions are perfect. It is a rare business platform for sales and procurement services of industrial enterprises. “China Packaging Industry Network” is a professional website in the field of packaging industry information and business services. Based on an in-depth understanding of market demand, this website comprehensively displays enterprises and institutions mainly including manufacturing enterprises in China's packaging industry, including enterprises or Image display of enterprise groups, operating companies, research and design units, institutions and other institutions and packaging machinery, printing machinery, packaging materials, packaging products, packaging processing services, etc., for the packaging industry enterprises and institutions tailored to the Chinese packaging Industry business information platform for information services.



Weinabo is committed to the design of complete packaging solutions. It is an integrated service provider integrating design, packaging, production and logistics. It is also in the telecommunications, energy, automotive, medical, aerospace, chemical and food industries. A leading supplier of complete packaging solutions that can reduce the overall cost of packaging for customers by 10%-20%.

Since its inception in 1997, Unabal has developed into a leading company in the heavy-duty packaging industry and is a strategic partner of several Fortune 500 companies, occupying an important position in the packaging market. At present, Wuhan, Hubei and Hunan Changsha have established factories in the mainland, and set up offices in many places across the country, and will gradually establish factories.

We will take advantage of the design to provide you with the most suitable product packaging solution.

Unoffer's Outer Office:

Guangzhou Nanning Heavy-duty Packaging Guizhou Guiyang Heavy-Duty Packaging Hunan Changsha Heavy-Duty Packaging

Hubei Wuhan Heavy-Duty Packaging Jiangxi Nanchang Heavy-Duty Packaging Fujian Fuzhou Heavy Duty Packaging

Sichuan Chengdu Heavy Duty Packaging Henan Zhengzhou Heavy Duty Packaging Anhui Hefei Heavy Duty Packaging

Inquiry Hotline: 400-022-7899

Heavy Carton Products for High End For industrial products and large-sized products, the stacking weight is less than 2 tons, or 1 is to pursue high resistance to high compressive strength, or 2 to pursue fast packaging operations, or 3 to pursue lower packaging costs than wooden boxes, or 4 Do not wish to have a fumigation quarantine inspection, or 5 goods destinations have mandatory environmental requirements.

Ton box products are suitable for non-hazardous chemical liquid industry, food, industrial oils and so on. Advantages: 1 cost reduction and efficiency, 2 efficient and convenient, 3 sturdy and durable, 4 green and environmental protection, 5 saves you more than 80% of the space.

Business Model

Providing Substitute Heavy Duty Carton Technology and Product Services

Providing Complete Packaging Solutions and Product Services (CPS Optimization Design Service)


Operation scale: The number of employees is 100-200, and the operating space is 20,000 m2. The market covers the Pan-Pearl River Delta region.

R&D Design and Testing: Unaber Heavy-Duty Packaging Self-built Uber Packaging Technology Institute, focusing on the complete packaging solution for artificial intelligence R&D. The R&D design practitioners are composed of senior professors of packaging college, doctor of mechanical engineering, national logistician, packaging engineer, etc. They have a 5-ton crushing laboratory, and all routine strength tests of materials and finished products can be completed in the institute.

Patent Acquisition: Unabal Heavyweight Packaging continues to declare and acquire national patents for a number of packaging structures or processes each year. These patent structures are being widely used in the cutting-edge heavy-duty packaging sector in South China.



China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) was established in 2002 as the leading paper portal in China. Since its establishment, it has always been based on the paper industry. Relying on a strong network platform and advanced search technology, we will provide dedicated services to producers, distributors and end users in the paper industry; help enterprises establish brand image, build a platform for honesty and supply of enterprises; help buyers and sellers to achieve effective communication and trade. . As the leading news source in the paper industry, China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) Information Center has long maintained close contact with various government and enterprise units, and has the first-hand information to provide the fastest and most comprehensive industry information. China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) data center, with a professional data analysis team and industry experts, think tanks, real-time collection of paper industry dynamic data, to obtain the most authoritative, most accurate data analysis, the trend of the pulse industry. As the most comprehensive and popular forum in the paper industry, China Paper Network Forum (BBS.CHINAPAPER.NET) ranks first in Baidu search with high click-through rate. China Paper Library (CHINAPAPER.ORG) is the only library-type site in the domestic paper industry, providing a large number of professional papers and scarce materials that are highly respected by users. The users of China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) cover all papermaking upstream and downstream industries such as printing and packaging, forestry bamboo and wood, paper chemicals, machinery and equipment, sewage treatment, waste paper recycling processing and raw paper processing. Many companies have completed transactions through the online trading platform of China Paper Network, which has doubled sales performance.



China Paper Network ( is an industry website that provides paper industry information, business trade, database information inquiry and other multi-project services for enterprises, enterprises and individuals in the paper industry and related fields. The website is dedicated to the information construction of China's paper industry and the exchange and cooperation within the international industry. It is a vertical portal website for paper industry.



China Packaging Network was established in September 1999. It was originally a member of the World Packaging Organization (Director) and is the leading industry portal in China. At the beginning of the establishment of China Packaging Network, it has been committed to promoting the informationization of the packaging industry and promoting the development of China's packaging industry, and has always been at the forefront of the industry.

●Dare to be the best in the industry

After 18 years of development and accumulation, China Packaging Network has become a recognized first-line brand in the industry. China Packaging Network has a complete and powerful information platform for information publishing and information inquiry in the packaging industry. It has also pioneered the business model of “online and offline linkage”, which has enabled the traditional packaging industry to grow rapidly in the era of Internet economy. From 2003 to 2011, it won the top 100 e-commerce in China for the 8th consecutive year; it was selected as the top ten e-commerce in Zhejiang Province from 2006 to 2009; in 2014, it was selected as the first batch of third-party platform for key e-commerce in Zhejiang Province; in 2017, China Packaging Network was selected as the national small and medium-sized enterprise. Enterprise public service demonstration platform.

●The huge alliance camp, the information is comprehensive.

China Packaging Network has a wide range of partners worldwide, including Google, Versign, Yahoo and other international giant Internet companies. There are also more than 100 domestic Internet companies such as China Internet News Center, Sina, Sohu, and 3721, which together form a huge cooperative alliance. China Packaging Network utilizes its own alliance camp (all kinds of packaging professional institutions, various service organizations, media groups, provincial central stations, etc.) to effectively promote customer companies in all aspects.

● Solid customer base, broad opportunity space

More than 5.3 million registered net members, more than 5,000 service customers, China Packaging Network is skilled in providing first-class network for packaging companies solution. The joining of many manufacturers has undoubtedly provided a huge development opportunity for Chinese packaging network customers, timely transmitting the latest demand and investment and financing information to local customers, and bringing a steady stream of business opportunities to the network packaging enterprises. The obligation of the line.

●Adversity breaks through the song of endeavor

Big waves, especially in the rapid development of the Internet economy era, the challenges are unpredictable, and the opportunities are fleeting. "Transformation, innovation, development" - is the foundation of China's packaging network. In an increasingly difficult network environment, China Packaging Network has developed a new path of innovation and transformation under the original basic advantages, and established the development of five-in-one network media, e-commerce applications, online transactions, talent exchange and training centers. strategy.

●Network Media Service

China Packaging Network bases on the advantages of the original website and provides a comprehensive, three-dimensional, multi-angle corporate promotion around the needs of traditional packaging companies. Plan your solution. As the first media platform in the packaging industry, China Packaging Network covers information, selection, exhibition, technology, experts, design, special topics, culture, encyclopedia, alliance and other aspects, providing professional and authoritative Internet information services for corporate customers.

●E-commerce application

In the market trend of e-commerce exchange, China Packaging Network has developed an EPS e-commerce application system for the purpose of realizing business electronicization within the enterprise. EPS takes the order as the main line and involves the information software system of procurement, inventory and sales. It mainly solves the problem of enterprise order production and office collaboration, assists the company to cooperate internally and handle orders easily. More importantly, the EPS system integrates upstream and downstream customers in the packaging and printing industry for users. The user realizes independent e-commerce marketing, online procurement and sales one-stop completion, and is the first in related industries.

●Online Trading Platform

“Packaging E City” is the product of China Packaging Network to solve the problem of online trading of packaging enterprises, creating a precedent for the online electronic trading platform of the packaging industry. "Package E City" integrates B2B, B2C, o2o and other e-commerce models, supports retail, wholesale, group purchase, promotion, sample, transfer and other sales methods, sales mainly in the industry's popular packaging products and consumables, providing coverage packaging And the business classification of related industries. Covers the business scope of 8 major categories and 33 small categories, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily packaging, and logistics packaging. For the enterprise "custom" to create a professional section, "Package E City" is a difficult move to push the enterprise from the touch of the net to the electric shock, is a real enterprise online trading e-commerce platform.

● Talent Exchange Platform and Training Center

To promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, we must first solve the problem of enterprise talents. In 2007, China Packaging Network set up “China Packaging Talent Network” and in 2014, it jointly organized and established “Zhejiang Packaging Industry E-Commerce Training Center” with Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association to promote the development of e-commerce in the packaging industry and personnel training.

The "China Packaging Talent Network" was established in 2013 and is a talent website for the packaging industry. The website provides a variety of talent exchange modes such as “finding jobs, finding talents, urgent recruitment, headhunting services, campus recruitment”, as well as massive front-end and professional talent information.

“Zhejiang Packaging Industry E-Commerce Training Center” provides technical consulting, skills, e-commerce training and other services for industry enterprises, providing the first resources for industry transformation and upgrading. Based on the first, relying on the provincial and municipal institutions to run vocational qualification training; second, relying on China's packaging network to provide basic training for industry characteristics; third, relying on colleges and universities to provide academic training. The training center has become the cradle of electric merchants in the packaging industry by formulating long-term training plans, developing training programs, promoting advanced training experience, advanced training methods, means and scientific research results at home and abroad, and strengthening the construction of teaching staff.

● Re-create the pioneer to lead the industry trend

In 2014, China Packaging Network once again launched the transformation and upgrade engine, setting an example for leading the industry. On July 8, 2014, the first “National” brand packaging industry e-commerce organization “China Packaging Federation E-Commerce Committee” was formally established in Jinhua Network Economic Center. The industry organization will actively promote the strategic deployment of the industry's deep integration of the two industries, and help the packaging industry to better promote e-commerce promotion and application. With the continuous development of informationization and networking, the business model is constantly innovating, and the packaging industry can only continue to grow and develop with the pace of the times.