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The IC37 network of Shenzhen Bihai Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2000. It is the leading IC industry website and mainstream online media in China; providing professional IC industry B2B e-commerce, internet marketing and other Internet application services; The electronic products, IT product procurement and suppliers and many media have established a good relationship of cooperation and have a good reputation in the industry. At present, has a large number of registered members, with an average daily visit volume of 100,000 person-times. It is in the forefront of the IC industry website and provides professional Internet product promotion for the IC industry's suppliers. It is related to baidu, google IC and IC network. The keyword search ranking is in the forefront, and the promotion effect obtained has been widely recognized and praised by customers! IC37 Beijing Branch was formally established to cooperate with the development of the IC37 network in Beijing. The Beijing branch was formally established in May 2010. Warmly welcome more new and old customers to join our website, develop together and make progress together!


中国投影网 is the national authoritative projection product, projection technology, projection information professional projection industry website, is a platform for projection products and technology, manufacturers, distributors, engineering companies and industry users. Industry merchants, agents, products (buyers, sellers) the most comprehensive business communication platform, the latest search platform for projection business database. Through the projection industry channel of China Projection Network, you can fully grasp the latest, most complete and accurate projection industry information and projector and peripheral products information. Let your business grasp the business opportunities in advance and get the best! The function of our service + China Projection Network is what our customers expect. Our goal is to make the projection industry information commercial and global. Let projection companies advance into the era of e-commerce, and extract the first barrel of connected projection business! The service tenet is based on the technology leading and superior product industry policy. It is committed to the e-commerce service of the projection industry, corporate image promotion and product promotion. Service System Our core business is to focus on the needs of the projection enterprise (local customer information---OA, AV, enterprise, government, school, projection information, local agent list, list of projection companies around the world), relying on the Internet, providing online and Offline full projection business consulting services. To enable e-commerce in the projection industry to provide a professional projection window. Online: China Projection Network ( provides you with the projection industry dynamics, latest product technologies, projections and other information needed during the transaction process. China Projection Network Business Database has accumulated all projection related information and timely updated industry information, providing the most professional, comprehensive, accurate and timely business information database, projection industry buyer and seller database. A powerful one-stop shop for businesses based on these databases. Offline: China Projection Network ( provides projection service, and projection is a small green software. It makes corporate members more simple, quick access to business information, and communicates with other companies in real time. At the same time, China Projection Network provides value-added services for enterprises to provide personalized words, such as combining Internet information, providing detailed market research reports, online business opportunities, or organizing participation in the manufacturer's projection industry activities.



China One Card Network ( is a comprehensive industry website for the smart card industry. It is the pioneer and leader of online media in the field of Chinese card applications. Based on the service concept of “professional, honest, and cooperative”, we have created a unique industry website model and service model to provide a high-quality network display platform for enterprises. As a card industry portal, China One Card ( provides industry users with comprehensive information on industry news, companies, products, supply and demand, technical articles, solutions, engineering cases and exhibition information. As a media company, China One Card ( relies on a comprehensive service system consisting of market promotion, market planning, market research, market consulting and talent recruitment to provide a modular marketing-based solution for all-in-one enterprises. Smart card, card-making equipment, card equipment, reader, access control, attendance machine, electronic patrol, parking lot, consumer machine, water control machine, IC card three-table, second-generation ID card, production supplies, corporate card , member card, community card, campus card, city card, etc. 1. China One Card is the first comprehensive and comprehensive industry website for smart card and card applications in China. It is planned and operated by professionals in the industry. The browsing users of the website are all insiders or end users, ensuring the professionalism and rationality of the platform. 2. China One Card has a good structure. The website architecture fully reflects the customer-centric service concept. Enterprises can use the card to conduct comprehensive marketing and promotion, such as: release products, supply and demand, solutions and news. 3. The website design of China One Card is optimized for search engines. The website itself has been logged into hundreds of search engines at home and abroad and has obtained good search rankings. Products released by enterprises on the card network can appear on the homepage of major search engines soon. 4. China One Card Network cooperates with a number of media magazines and exhibitions to promote the website through multiple channels to ensure the continuous increase of website views. As a corporate member of the website, One Card has undoubtedly expanded its promotional channels for enterprises.



Nano Electronic Mall was founded in 2004 and is a registered brand of Shanghai Huifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.; we are determined to develop into the most complete professional instrumentation and non-production materials global procurement supplier in China. The establishment of “Global Purchasing Platform” has always been the direction and mission of Shanghai Huifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. For this mission, Nano Electronics Mall brings corporate brand and excellent business philosophy and quality service to China, we can stand on customers every day. Think about it, change it, and create it! Thank you, join us to change, create and witness the future! As a professional global sourcing supplier, Shanghai Huifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. not only has professional technology, complete products and perfect services. And as a company specializing in customer integrated procurement, we are focusing on creating the most well-known brands while pursuing and developing advanced technologies and product lines. The company will expand its product line in 2012 and develop into a well-known e-commerce platform in China. The new operating platform can provide 21 product lines and more than one million products to customers, including: hand tools; power tools; metal processing and material handling; test instruments and instruments; lighting; personal protective equipment; safety and security; , pumps and pipe valves; refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. "Development comes from change, Gaofei begins with dreams" is the action guide for Nano Electronics Mall to climb the peak, and is also the concentration of the corporate culture of Nano Electronics Mall. Working at Nanotechnology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is full of opportunities and challenges, but also fun.



IC Trading Network is an e-commerce platform focusing on electronic components B2B. The website was officially launched in 1999. With the development of e-commerce in China, IC trading network has become a professional electronic component procurement platform in China. IC Trading Network takes the inquiry of electronic components products as the core, and provides convenient services for component distributors and buyers at home and abroad. The products released on the current website include: integrated circuits (IC), diodes, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, connectors/connectors, modules and other materials, which truly realize one-stop procurement of electronic components.



Shenzhen Fukui Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd.'s website electronic component trading network ( referred to as 114IC electronic network (114ic network, 114ic trading network), is an international electronic component professional ic trading network. Founded in 2002, 114IC Network has been committed to providing real-time buying and selling of electronic parts trading information for domestic and foreign electronic component companies and IC integrated circuit manufacturers. It is the authoritative website for e-commerce information (B2B) in the electronic components industry.

Based on the international standard third-party report measured website data traffic, 114IC network has more than 2.5 million daily hits per day, more than 50,000 daily visitors, and more than 65 million electronic components inventory information. Google, Baidu, 360 and other major search engines in the "electronic components trading network" index large, fast recording speed, component models ranked high. Our end customers mainly include the Pearl River Delta (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, Shantou, Zhuhai, etc.), the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) and other cities (Xi'an, Shandong, etc.), other customers from Hong Kong, Taiwan , South Korea, Japan, North America and Europe.

114IC trading network has strong professional and technical strength. We have established good cooperative relations with universities and professional institutes in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi'an and other cities. The professional IC trading platform, fast and convenient online operating system, provides users with a powerful, easy-to-operate, fast-reading online trading platform, creating a large-scale, full-variable, instant online online trading market. At the same time, we organized a professional marketing and promotion team, adopted a diversified promotion method, participated in all relevant exhibitions in the electronics industry, and established friendly and cooperative relations with many newspapers and magazines in the electronics industry.

114IC website's powerful technology platform and good service quality will definitely bring more business opportunities and benefits to the majority of users!



Shenzhen Biweite Network Technology Co., Ltd. (, referred to as 51 Electronic Network, is China's leading electronic component business platform. It was established in October 2005 and is a professional electronic industry website; Professional B2B e-commerce, Internet marketing and other Internet application services; create an online IC sales industry chain, build bridges between end customers and suppliers in the electronics industry; main network marketing promotion, online advertising, e-commerce transactions, corporate website construction Five major businesses such as membership services.

Shenzhen Biweite Network Technology Co., Ltd. has established four platforms: business information, trading market, talent market and electronic forum with the aim of “continuous innovation and quality service”; and has business database and brand database. , enterprise database, product database, talent database and other five professional databases; can provide enterprises with comprehensive network marketing, online advertising, e-commerce, talent recruitment, corporate Internet access and other Internet solutions; using international cutting-edge management model for the majority of enterprises A clear Internet image to promote rapid, healthy and sustainable development! The company is headquartered in Zhongshan and has an office in Shenzhen.