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Instrument Information Network ( is affiliated to Beijing Yixin Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., opened in 1999, and is the first professional website for scientific instruments in China. Committed to providing professional information services and network application technology services for the scientific instrument industry. The company has a comprehensive technical service team of more than 800 laboratory front-line staff, dozens of senior industry expert consultants and long-term, good cooperation and exchange relations with major associations



Instrument Worry-Free ( is China's largest and most authoritative one-stop trading platform for comprehensive laboratory services. It is a comprehensive service platform built by Guangzhou Dongteng Information Technology Co., Ltd. Instrument uses laboratory instruments as an entry point to provide one-stop professional services for Chinese laboratories, improve laboratory efficiency, reduce laboratory operating costs, promote scientific research, and contribute to China's innovation! The services provided by our instrument Worry-free network involve all aspects of the laboratory. According to the international standard ISO17025, it can be described in five directions: human, machine, material, law and ring:

People- - refers to the supply and demand exchange of laboratory talents (talent column), laboratory personnel training (training column).

Machine - refers to the maintenance, maintenance, certification, measurement, training, relocation, modification, transfer, and lease of various instruments in the laboratory. (All columns)

Materials - refers to the display and trading of various experimental materials including laboratory consumables and reagents in the laboratory. (Component consumables)

Law—refers to the certification and measurement services and training related to relevant qualifications and related laws and regulations in the laboratory. (Technical service section, training section)

Circle - refers to laboratory decoration design services, laboratory ventilation system, laboratory furniture, laboratory maintenance and maintenance of three waste treatment systems. (Technical Service section)



Beijing Soubao Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It specializes in the development and operation of e-commerce platforms. It has successfully developed and operated the BtoB e-commerce platform---- Instrumentation Trading Network in the instrumentation industry. The pursuit of the search treasure is not a flash of instant glory, but the enduring vitality under the sweat and the core competitiveness of the growing enterprise. To this end, we will uphold the business philosophy of integrity, professionalism, pioneering and innovation. Based on our technological advantages in the IT field, we will provide you with enthusiasm, in place and professional services, and show you an online transaction that fosters unlimited business opportunities. world. Website introduction: Instrumentation Trading Network ( is a new e-commerce platform designed by Beijing Sobao Network Technology Co., Ltd. according to the actual situation of China's instrument and meter market. In layman's terms, you can think of it as a nationwide online market for instrumentation. It is a collection of manufacturers, distributors and purchasing units in many instrumentation industries across the country. Everyone here negotiates business and conducts online transactions, which together promote the prosperity of this market. To meet the different needs of users, this market is divided into four large areas: supply and demand information, instrument sharing, rental market and second-hand market. At the same time, it has opened a special area such as industry information to further provide meticulous and thoughtful value-added services for various businesses. The instrumentation trading network is a large-scale market, and it is a growing market. Every day, new businesses are joined, and more updated supply and demand information is released. The Internet has made it possible to create such a large national market, and we have turned this possibility into reality.



Instrumentation Business Network (——Professional instrumentation industry portal business website, pay attention to the market dynamics of China's instrumentation industry, promote famous brands of instrumentation enterprises, open up markets and promote the development of China's instrumentation industry To enable members and users to quickly find their buyers, suppliers, distributors and partners to trade and cooperate, and to form a resource sharing, mutually beneficial instrumentation business community; by providing "one stop "Comprehensive service makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other, the process of closing the transaction is shortened, the efficiency of the transaction is improved, and the cost of the transaction is reduced. The instrumentation business network implements the corporate membership system. Any enterprise in the industry can register as a member free of charge and establish a multi-functional and exquisite corporate website for free. We will provide multi-level services to our member units with our own information and channel advantages. Really guide the instrumentation industry to the era of e-commerce, the track of information industrialization. A one-stop service for consumers, so that consumers are truly assured and comfortable. Instrumentation Business Network As a professional instrumentation industry trade platform, we combine buyers and sellers in an interactive trading environment, providing members and users with an open platform to publish, exchange and match business information and opportunities. Instrumentation Business Network adheres to the service concept of “Customer's problem is the subject of our service”. It is guided by customer needs and aims to help customers realize their ideas and help our customers to enhance their productivity and competitiveness. To create a better future. [Business philosophy] Convergence creates strength, integrity creates brand [service tenet] Customer respect, sustainable innovation [team concept] credible, sincere, first-class



Instrument Trading Network ( is a large-scale instrumentation B2B industry website, mainly for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological, petroleum, agricultural, hospital, college, quality inspection, disease control and other fields. Professional users create a global network marketing service platform, and are committed to building a bridge of information interaction for instruments and related enterprises at home and abroad to realize business opportunities for customers! Instrument Trading Network has accumulated excellent service experience and huge customer resources. It has 500,000 registered members and more than 20,000 corporate members, covering more than 30 provinces and cities and 28 countries and regions throughout the country. PV) exceeds 1 million. Relying on the rich information service experience of Hangzhou Dingsou Technology Co., Ltd. and the strong strength of the Internet field, it has become an influential professional B2B website in the instrumentation industry. Instrument Trading Network provides a wide range of services for industry users in a unique mode to meet the needs of users for comprehensive marketing and promotion. Convenient and fast online trading platforms, professional instrument magazines, industry exhibitions, etc. Breadth and depth. This station maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign media and establishes a huge information service system. It is the most influential authoritative online media in the field of instruments. At the same time, Dingsou Technology plans and designs the image, content and functions of the website according to the specific conditions and advantages of the company and its products. It solves the problems of funds and technology encountered in the process of Internet access. Helping many companies to quickly and easily establish their own online portals with the least amount of time, effort and money, and get a good return, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Dingsou Technology has mature website planning and production experience, and has professional website construction talents to provide users with high-quality website construction services and comprehensive network promotion programs. To build a successful website here, we will work with you to create a modern corporate image and open up a crowded online hypermarket, so that your corporate website can expand market space and improve operating efficiency and win on the basis of lower operating costs. Take the maximum profit.



Guangzhou Deluxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Planet International Information Group and focuses on the instrumentation industry for 19 years. It provides Internet + high-tech services for China's instrumentation industry. Users cover China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and America. Like the accumulation of millions of people. Adhering to the goal of “making test and measurement achievements to create Chinese dreams”, we will make unremitting efforts to create the “global test and measurement industry's largest all-media platform”. "Instrument and Instrument Business" newspapers, instruments and meters business network referred to (, Yi Mall (, Yi Shangbao (http://www is a comprehensive technology platform integrating professional media, industry portals, e-commerce, marketing promotion and conference forums. Covering the Chinese manufacturing and instrumentation brands, enhancing brand awareness and broadening sales channels, Yishang's all-media platform focuses on testing and measurement technology for industrial manufacturing industry-wide chain solutions. It is the industry's most authoritative and professional investment promotion advantage. media. About (original instrumentation business network), founded in 2000, is one of the main products of Guangzhou Deluxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the global information and trading portal platform for instrumentation measurement and measurement industry. It provides you with information on instrumentation hotspots, cutting-edge technology, industry applications, solutions and market research, and leads the development trend of test and measurement industry! adheres to the "customer first" values and always keeps in mind the mission of "Let China's manufacturing industry not lack test and measurement engineers" to sail for the development of the industry!