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China Standard Parts Network was established in 2003. It is one of the websites of Hangzhou Golden Eagle Technology Co., Ltd., relying on its core Internet products Fortune Bao, through professional services and advanced network technology, to build professional supply and demand for standard parts enterprises. The platform provides a full range of e-commerce services. With its accurate positioning, professional R&D team, strong hardware support and perfect service, China Standard Parts Network has become the leading standard industry portal in China. As a brand of China's standard parts website, China Standard Parts Network has gathered a large number of supply and demand user groups and professional technical forum experts in the industry through in-depth marketing and service, and has become a valuable marketing industry in the standard parts industry. The platform and the highly popular and high-level communication platform have received the attention and attention of many domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers. China Standard Parts Network not only relies on Fortune Bao to provide users with thoughtful online marketing solutions, but also makes full use of the strong traditional marketing mode - exhibitions, supply and demand meetings, and multi-channel online services complemented by the main network. Realize the combination and interaction of online and offline. Let enterprises go to the network and let the network gather enterprises. We are convinced that: strong technology + perfect service + support of the majority of users = 100% success, China Standard Parts Network is willing to develop with more professional standards and more intimate services. Do your part to make suggestions for the growth of the company. We look forward to working with you to continuously develop and innovate and win more online trade miracles!



China Hardware Network ( was established in August 2006, located in the international metropolis "Chongqing", we focus on serving the hardware and electrical industry. Since the website was founded, it has become the most authoritative and influential large-scale e-commerce interactive platform in the hardware industry with the goal of transforming and upgrading China's hardware industry. After continuous development, it has accumulated a large number of SMEs' procurement and promotion trends, matching upstream and downstream, and collected data on tens of millions of SMEs nationwide and supply and demand information of upstream and downstream industry chains. Whether it is a single-day visit or a number of customers, it is second to none in similar websites in the industry. Based on corporate brand and product promotion, the platform focuses on the establishment of enterprise sales channels and the establishment of supply and demand relationships within the industry, and builds business opportunity platforms and product trading platforms for industry users. In addition, the company also focuses on researching SEO services, and analyzes various development indicators such as users, website traffic and market revenues, and obtains high search engines such as Baidu, 360, Soso, and Sogou. Exposure and high traffic volume allow domestic SMEs to deliver a single return. With the mission of helping our customers succeed, we provide professional trading information docking and trade matching. “Better than Baidu, we understand business more than Alibaba.” Advantages make the hardware business easier!



Wanguan Hardware Machine Grid ( specializes in network promotion and e-commerce of hardware and electromechanical industry, providing a complete set of network marketing solutions for hardware and electromechanical businesses to help customers develop online more easily and more worry-freely. market.

Network promotion service is one of the main businesses of Wanguan Hardware Grid. The universal (Silver), Enhanced (Gold), All-round (Diamond), Online (Diamond) and Custom (Extreme) network promotion services are available at the Maxthon E-Commerce platform. Diagnostics, customers can choose a better service plan based on the actual diagnosis, and the Wanguan network platform will serve the buyers, suppliers and third-party participants in all aspects.

Network sales service promotes online transactions through the construction and operation of Wanguan Hardware & Electrical Online Mall, Wanguan Tmall Store and Taobao Market Store (C Store), helping market players to occupy the hardware and electronics industry machine. The business is divided into:

Semi-hosted services include: in-place platform, technical services, product editing, knowledge lectures, bidding promotion, freight assistance, and payment settlement.

Hosted services include: platform, brand planning, product design, marketing, full-time customer service, freight assistance, bidding promotion, payment settlement, value-added services.



888 Spring Information Network” is a professional information website for spring enterprises. It has obtained the professional certification of Hongdun 315 of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and has been promoted at home and abroad. This website was established in April 2002. Located in the Wangjing business district, it has specially hired Professor Zhang Yinghui, an authoritative expert in the spring industry, as a technical consultant. It is currently the only professional information website for the spring industry in China.

“888 Spring Information Network” has a large amount of user visits. It has the characteristics of wide information, many service items and reasonable charges. Since its launch, it has set up a bridge for information communication between the supply and demand sides of the spring, which is very popular among spring manufacturers and users.

"888 Spring "Information Network" has already gained a high reputation in the spring industry, and has been awarded the Spring Failure Committee of the Failure Analysis Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, the Spring Technology Group of the Mechanical Design Society, the Spring Professional Association of the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, and the General Machinery Industry. The National Spring Standard Technical Committee of the Parts Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is unanimously supported.

Site Features

Professional 888 Spring Information Network is the only professional information website for spring industry in China. It has obtained the professional certification of Hongdun 315 of Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, and has received unanimous support from Spring Association and Spring Society.

Technical strength 888 "Spring Information Network" specially hired Professor Zhang Yinghui, an authoritative expert in the spring industry, as a technical consultant.

Service-oriented "888 Spring Information Network" not only has a large number of information on the spring industry, but also agents such as Wanwang and Baidu. Website promotion service.

Immediately strong "888 Spring Information Network" gives full play to the advantages of the Internet without geographical and time constraints, making the spring network and your purchase decision the closest.

The internationally-connected "888 Spring Information Network" has been registered and promoted at home and abroad, providing you with a bridge of communication to help you participate in the international market.

Data Complete "888 Spring Information Network" has A complete database of enterprises and products covers all aspects of the spring industry. These resources are transformed into easy-to-query layouts in a timely and efficient manner for buyers to query.

Business Opportunity "888 Spring Information "By constantly promote their own, so that more new customers know us. Buying shopping guide function lets the user take the initiative to visit our website to find information, so that our enterprise network members are concerned about more customers.